Mama OWL Blog: Our Summer Bucket List

Our Summer Bucket List

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Today is the last day of term - the Summer holidays are looming, and we have six weeks stretching out ahead of us that I plan to thoroughly enjoy. I don't mean by rushing about with rigid plans and set routines, making sure we fill each & every day because that's rather unrealistic and frankly I don't want to, & the kids won't want to either - but by just making the most of it. Some days we might do things, some days we might not. There will be 'nothing' days as well as busy days, we'll just do what we like, when we like. I can't wait!

We enjoyed making Autumn & Christmas Bucket Lists last year too, which is something we'll be doing again later on this year. Have you made a Summer Bucket List?


  1. I love the graphic, what a great idea to do a bucket list. Good luck and enjoy x

  2. Really lovely bucket list. Love the image, too! :) I have a summer bucket list, too, hehe. xx


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