Mama OWL Blog: Truckfest South West & Wales 2014

Truckfest South West & Wales 2014

Saturday, 12 July 2014

I have to admit, it wouldn't ordinarily be my first choice of a family outing, but our visit to Truckfest South West & Wales at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern was a good day out.

L & H were absolutely desperate to go, H because celebrity Eddie Stobart drivers Mick Leech, Ashley Maddocks and Mark Dixon were going to be there, and L because Ron & Amy from Lizard Lick Towing were going to be there, too. The Mister & I had already made two trips to a local trading estate recently as there were 15 Eddie Stobart lorries parked up, and H wanted to see them all and have his photo taken in front of them. Every single one. In the rain. Bless him, our little anorak!

The website promised a good day out with lots on the itinerary, so we bought family tickets online (£30 for two adults & two children aged 5-15, under 5s are free) and on Sunday we packed a picnic and headed off to the show.
The journey only took about an hour & a half, and there was ample parking available when we arrived. We headed over to the showground and bought a programme on the way in, and then went for a wander around the site. 
The main arena had several displays and demos on throughout the day and we did manage to catch a couple of them later on.

Broke FMX, a freestyle motocross display team, performed some awesome stunts including superman seat grabs, cliffhangers and backflips which was very exciting to watch and really enjoyed by the kids. We also watched the UK vs US Bigfoot Monster Truck challenges (which was probably my favourite part of the day) and the Lizard Lick vs Eddie Stobart drivers recovery challenge - during which there was absolutely no cheating by either team* (*may not be true) - which was very entertaining and thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.

We looked around the trucks that were on show and marvelled over the intricate designs and details, & how much work must go in to their design as well as their upkeep. H was awestruck & particularly liked the Avatar lorry.

H managed to collect the autographs of all three Eddie Stobart drivers at the event much to his delight, they were all very lovely to H and happy to have their pictures taken & sign his programme, and he came away from the event a very happy little boy indeed.
Probably the only downside to the day was when we were trying to queue up for L to meet Ron & Amy from Lizard Lick, and both times we were moved out of the line by security - the first time because they would be going to lunch and wouldn't get to us, and the second time we were told to go on our way because we weren't going to get to meet them at all.

L was absolutely devastated, but as we were trying to coax him out of the queue to leave, Ron came strolling out of the marquee and down to the end of the line where he announced to everyone that we would get to meet and have autographs and pictures with him, and started working his way up from the back of the queue. Cue L in floods of tears with pure joy, he got his picture with him and A managed to get the programme signed, too. I thought it was really awesome of Ron to do that, he has no idea what a massive deal it was to L to meet him, it has made his entire year!

At the end of the day, we all trudged back to the car with tired legs and happy kids, a programme full of autographs and a phone full of pictures, and the kids all buzzing with the excitement of the event. An 'extreme' day out it might have been, but it was extremely memorable for us all. Looking forward to going back again next year!


  1. Like you it wouldn't have been my choice of event either - although I sure a few of my children would have really enjoyed it. It looks like you all had a great day out and the weather was lovely and you had some very happy children at the end of the day. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. It looks like they all had a fantastic time and how great to meet the guys from Lizard Lick!! x

  3. My kids would LOVE this - and my husband is a truck driver so pretty sure he would enjoy it too! #CountryKids

  4. Whoa those massive trucks! They are so awesome! Its so nice to see the people you love on TV in real life. I wish we saw this event too #CountryKids


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