Mama OWL Blog: What E Wore - The Christening

What E Wore - The Christening

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

E is very fashion conscious and will often choose her own outfits. She has a good sense of style for a four year old and frankly she does a much better job than me of choosing her clothes, so I just let her carry on most of the time, unless of course it's really inappropriate for the weather. She tried to wear a knitted dress the other day when it was sweltering, I had to put my foot down then which as you can imagine didn't go down too well but I know she'd have thanked me for it had she not been a stroppy preschooler.

We attended a family christening the other week & I'd spotted an absolutely gorgeous dress in Matalan which I thought would be perfect for the occasion, and also useful to keep for other parties & events whenever they might occur. Advertised as a 'lace trim prom dress', with a gathered waist and bow detailing it is absolutely stunning and it looked beautiful on her. H wore a shirt & tie set, also from Matalan, but without the tie.

The breeze was a bit on the chilly side that afternoon if you were caught in the shade, so we teamed the dress with her denim jacket from H&M which we bought to go with her Spring/Summer wardrobe. She didn't keep it on for long but it did the job when we first arrived & looked lovely with the dress.

Her Summer footwear currently consists of a pretty white pair of sandals with sequinned flower detailing, which we bought on a whim in Shoezone on a recent trip into Bristol for £9.99.

We purchased her cream flower hair clips with matching headband for £1 in Primark on the same trip - also available in several other colours, we picked up a yellow set, & also a nice plum colour to add to her collection!

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  1. Such a pretty dress! I can see her being a bit of a fashionista as she gets older. :D

  2. Beautiful outfits for two beautiful children! X

  3. She has a better sense of style than me too! I love her dress, gorgeous. Hope you all had a lovely time :) x

  4. Such beautiful outfits for your children, I am loving the shirt. I like my son to wear shirts at the moment, it looks "cooler" and so smart! Thank you for linking up #TT_Thursday

  5. Beautiful outfits! The dress is lovely!
    Thank you for linking up

  6. What a beautiful dress! Its really lovely #TT_Thursday

  7. Hello Mama Owl! I love both of the "owlfits" your kids are wearing! Linking up from #trendythursday and #TT_Thursday

  8. Oh she is gorgeous! I love those sandals :) x


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