Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Dream Bedroom Makeover

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition

I love decorating, I just wish I had the money to fund my grand designs! The girls' bedroom could really do with brightening up, and I have so many ideas. It's difficult finding a balance to suit them both with such a big age gap, but they're both very similar minded and like the same colours so I am sure they would manage to compromise as long as they both had their ideas taken into account. Currently it is decorated in pink & brown - not too young for A and not too grown up for E.

With all of that said, if we had more space I would love to be able to give A her own bedroom. I really like the idea of white, black, blue, and yellow together to create a really contemporary look, perfect for a 16 year old.

Wilko Rib Glass Vase (Cyan) £5 - Wilko Happy Vase Sunshine £8 -
Wilko Carnaby Flower Decor Yellow £6

A has lots of little knick knacks lying around - bobby grips, hair bands, pens & pencils, and the like - and so little decorative pots that also serve as storage would help her keep her room organised. A loves music, and I think that the record wall clock is really funky and would look great in the room. The yellow bin gives a lovely pop of colour, and hopefully prevents too much rubbish from ending up on the floor (... stuffed down the side of the bed, in drawers, on top of the desk... you get the idea).

Argos NeXtime Little Spinning Wall Clock £26.99 - Wilko Matt Pedal Bin (Yellow) £8 -
Wilko Resin Lamp with Stripy Shade (Black) £30

A loves to read so the gerbera lights to string around the head of the bed would be for more than just decoration, and the wire lampshade would keep the room light. She'll also need some bookends to keep her books nice & tidy.

Wilko Daisy Bookends £5 - Wilko Metal Wire Shade (Black) £10 -
Wilko String Lights Gerbera (Yellow) £8

I love teal (it's also A's favourite colour), and think it goes so well with the monochrome and yellow, it has a really retro look to it but feels modern and trendy. Teal curtains would really complement this design, along with a feature wall, and arty, colourful throw cushions on a black & white duvet set.

Wilko K2 Follow Your Dreams Wallpaper (Charcoal/Yellow) £10.95 - Argos Living Soft Drape Eyelet Curtains (Teal) £39.99 - Dunelm Mill Black City Scene Duvet Cover Set £11.99 -
Wilko Cushion Door Print £7
And as for the bed - I adore this Florence Day Bed from Galaxy Stores, at £119 it is a great price and would look beautiful with the accessories I have chosen, it would be the statement piece and really finish off the room.

Galaxy Stores Florence Day Bed £119
This is an entry to the Dream Room Blogger Competition at Little Stuff.


  1. I love Wilkinsons for house decor and teal is my favourite colour too! Great competition, I am currently planning my teens bedroom makeover so might join in too :)

  2. It all looks great! Love the day bed!

    Ashleigh Allan


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