Mama OWL Blog: Bludgers & Broomsticks at Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Bludgers & Broomsticks at Warner Bros Studio Tour London

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Last year, we were lucky enough to be invited to the Summer Spells event at Warner Bros Studio Tour London and we had such a wonderful experience that the children were asking when we could go again before we had even left the car park. We were delighted to be invited back to join in the fun of this Summer's event - Bludgers and Broomsticks - which is running from Friday 18th July - Monday 1st September 2014 and is all about how magical sports and wizarding games came to life on screen. Authentic costumes from the Quidditch scenes are on display, as well as the rattling ball crate from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Discover how a combination of special and visual effects were used to make cast members fly and chess pieces move – as well as have your own chance to test green screen technology! Last year A & H had a go at flying their very own broomsticks (on screen of course, can't have them whizzing around the studio!) and this year all seven of us enjoyed a ride in the enchanted car! We purchased three souvenir photos for a total of £21 of our green screen experience to frame and keep at home as a reminder of our day.
The tour was equally as magical as it was the first time we visited, and I found myself noticing things I missed the first time around. We took extra time to look at everything, and the kids enjoyed spotting the new Bludgers and Broomsticks special features and props - pausing to listen intently to the Broomstick making masterclass, and to have a picture with some Beaters in Diagon Alley. The children are such massive fans of the books & movies that having the opportunity to see how it all came to life is something very special for them, and for their father & to enjoy seeing the wonder on their faces.

Sometimes "the wonder" looks like misery, however I assure you that the kids were having a much better time than their facial expressions would suggest. If you have teenagers, I know you understand - It's an aversion to the camera, not to the activity!
Seeing all of the props, costumes, and sets up close is an experience you will never forget. You cannot appreciate exactly how much work has gone into creating this magical world, eight movies worth of work, unless you have stood before it and really had a good look. It is utterly breathtaking.

Warner Bros Studio Tour London offer seasonal events throughout the year, the next event will be Dark Arts & is scheduled for October half term, Friday 17th October – Monday 3rd November 2014 where you can learn how the dark arts were brought to life on screen and even have the chance to duel with a death eater! Tickets are priced at £31 per adult (16+) and £23.50 per child (5-15). Children aged 4 and under are free, but do require a ticket to enter. Tickets must also be purchased in advance of your visit.

"The stories we love best do live in us forever,
so whether you come back by page or by big screen,
Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."
- J.K. Rowling.

We received complimentary tickets for review purposes. All views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.


  1. Oh I would love to go here. it isn't far from us but I can't decide if it is best to go by myself or take the boys. Big man would love it but not sure if the other 2 are still a bit small. Like the sound of the dark arts. Loved it when they were at Britmums.

  2. Ohhh, this looks and sounds like SO much fun! Love the photos :) xx

  3. We took E last year and she was 3.5, she definitely was able to enjoy it more this time around and appreciate all of what she was seeing, though with that said she did have fun last time too! The Dark Arts sounds fab doesn't it, I'd also love to see it all done up at Christmas :)

  4. Thanks Sarah, it was great! x


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