Tuesday, 26 August 2014

#LoomToTheMoon with Rainbow Braid

review post.

Loom band rainbow charm

I don't think there is a parent in the country who hasn't heard of loom bands - the latest fad for kids up and down the country. Playground crazes are not a new thing, I remember everyone going mad for pogs and skip-its when I was a kid, & loom bands are just the latest in a long line of primary school trends.

Rainbow Braid sent me a massive 5400 loom band refill pack for my kids to try out, and until now I had been the mean mum who hadn't bought her children anything remotely loom band related. I still ended up with them all over my house, mind you, as the kids' school friends had gifted them lovingly made bracelets and such like, but we didn't actually have any of our own. When the opportunity to review them came up, I was very keen to take part.


So the children and I could #LoomToTheMoon.


The Loom to the Moon challenge is for a special boy named Skye, and for children just like him. Skye's parents have set up the charity Blue Skye Thinking, to support research and treatment of childhood brain tumours:

"Skye was diagnosed with a brain tumour on 27 August 2013 and those close to him, are constantly in awe of his strength of character and fortitude in fighting a horrible disease. Cancer is so often thought of as an adult disease. Our experience has taught us otherwise.

Blue Skye Thinking is a Charity which supports research so that all children diagnosed with brain tumours, will have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life post treatment. The Charity is run by volunteers and all money donated goes directly to the forefront of Research and Treatment."

Rainbow Braid 5400 Refill Kit (Loom & Hook not included)

The huge kit contains 18 different colours of solid, glitter and glow in the dark high quality rubber bands (we've not experienced any frustrating snapped bands!) along with 250 clips & was just the thing we needed to start our contribution to Skye's loom to the moon challenge. A, E & I have been taking it in turns to build up our loom band, & A has made great progress over the weekend. Our goal is to make it the length of our garden before we send it to Skye to help towards his goal. The Rainbow Braid refill kit is priced at £14.90 with free delivery, available to purchase online from Amazon, & with 5400 bands to get through I'm sure we'll meet our target.

We received a complimentary refill kit for review purposes. Hook and loom were not included. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.


  1. We got sent these too, the kids love them! We did our loom to the moon a few weeks ago, we (my daughter) managed 18ft :) your design looks really good, great use of the different colours x

  2. That's great, well done! We've all been adding to it bit by bit, team effort haha! Thank you, glad we could put them to good use! x

  3. Looming to the moon is such an awesome thing to do! We're also going to be sending a nice long loom string =)

  4. Oh wonderful thank you so so much! My family are so incredibly grateful xxxxxxxx

  5. Thanks Sarah, that's great well done you! x

  6. It is the very least we can do Lucy, we only wish we could do more! :) x


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