Mama OWL Blog: {Summer Bucket List} Celebrate L's 11th Birthday

{Summer Bucket List} Celebrate L's 11th Birthday

Friday, 22 August 2014

On Tuesday our awesome, amazing, clever, exhausting, brilliant middle son - L - turned 11 years old.

Having just returned from France at the weekend, I was not as prepared as I would have liked and he ended up with a muddled together chocolate Minecraft birthday cake that could have done with a bit more fondant decoration, however when I showed it to him he said "Cool! A dirt block!" therefore meaning that if it is recognisable, then I'm winning.

He didn't want presents this year, instead he wanted to have birthday money that he could spend on whatever he wanted. So, as we did with H last year, we put his money in his birthday card and then took him along to Toys R Us (probably his favourite place in the world) and let him loose with a basket trolley. He took his time wandering up and down all of the aisles and looking at everything that caught his eye, and eventually decided on two PS3 games, Minecraft toys, Pokemon toys, trading cards, and a Skylander.

As you can see by his face, he was utterly delighted with his haul and loved being able to choose for himself. When he got home he also bought a download version of Minecraft for his PS3, and A helped him choose his first mobile phone ready for when he starts senior school next month. They chose a PAYG Nokia 105 in blue which is dust & splash proof, has 12.5 hours of talk time and a massive 35 day standby, and only cost £23.

It's just a basic phone, which is all L needs at this time. I don't want him to have internet access or a smartphone, he just needs it for calls and texts now he will be travelling to & from school on the bus so he is reachable, and has a way to contact me, his dad or his older siblings if he needs to. He is thrilled to have his own phone and feels very grown up, he has been nagging me for months for one but we refused as he didn't need to have one until now. It appears to be quite indestructible so hopefully it will last a good while!

His chosen celebratory meal was Domino's Pizza, and the boys made short work of two margheritas. We ended up having to have his birthday dinner the night before for various reasons, and as it happened that worked out for the best as unfortunately during the afternoon of the 19th, H was taken ill and rushed off to hospital with suspected appendicitis so he and the Mister were absent for much of the day.

L had lots of family visit him throughout the day, popping in to give him cards and gifts, and see him on his special day. L was upset that H & the Mister weren't there and worried for H as he had been in so much pain when they left. After being nil by mouth all day, poked & prodded and having bloods taken, they eventually returned home after midnight - sent away with a diagnosis of a "grumbling appendix" and told to return if the pain worsened... Not impressed, but H is on the mend and that's all that matters.

So despite things not going exactly as we would have liked, L thoroughly enjoyed his day and is looking forward to his surprise celebration at the weekend. On Sunday, we are taking him to Center Parcs for the day courtesy of my sister-in-law (as she works there), along with my brother and nephew, and having a family day out swimming and enjoying a meal at Huck's in the evening. He doesn't know anything about it yet, I can't wait to see his face when he tell him. I think the only thing to trump Toys R Us in his affections is Center Parcs! Here's hoping that his celebration day goes better than his actual birthday - fingers crossed!


  1. He looks so chuffed with his purchases, bless him! Glad to hear H is on the mend. x

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes he was delighted with his haul and the fact that he got to choose it all himself :-)

  2. Happy birthday to L! Sorry to hear H was so poorly, but sounds like L had a pretty good day anyway. My younger son turns 11 in October and I'm thinking I might tackle a Minecraft cake! I don't ever make cakes!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yes it's the simplest cake in the world isn't it, chocolate base and a square of green fondant - brilliant haha.


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