Mama OWL Blog: Back to School Lunchbox Ideas with #CapriSunSchool

Back to School Lunchbox Ideas with #CapriSunSchool

Monday, 1 September 2014

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The kids are back to school this week & the daily routine of packing lunches will be starting again. I have to say, I haven't missed making packed lunches during the holidays. It's so easy to fall into a rut of making the same old thing just for an easy life, and this year I plan to mix it up a bit and try and be more imaginative while still making healthy lunchboxes for them. I've had a go at Bento style lunches before, and while H is probably a bit too "grown up" (he thinks, anyway) for the cute finishing touches, I hope that I can sneak some in to E's lunch box on the days she opts not to have school dinners.

For inspiration to make interesting, tasty as well as balanced lunches I had a look at Change4Life for suggestions of what to make. Some of my favourite lunchbox ideas that I think will appeal to my kids are:

- Wrap (rolled up tight & then sliced into smaller sections for younger ones)
- Bagel (made with ham & cream cheese is rather tasty!)
- Wholemeal pitta pocket
- Homemade mini pizzas
- Crackers

- Bread sticks with a portion of dipping cheese, hummus or cottage cheese
- Cubed or sliced cheese
- Cheese triangles (perfect with crackers)
- Yoghurts (the tube ones are great as they can be frozen so that they are still cold at lunchtime)
- Greek yoghurt, with fruit for dipping

- Strawberries
- Cubed or balled melon
- Grapes
- Carrot batons
- Cucumber slices
- Banana
- Apple

- Flapjack (make a batch of your own to save money)
- Box of raisins or sultanas
- Fruit muffins
- Plain popcorn
- Scotch pancake
- Dried fruit (such as banana chips)

My children generally don't have fizzy drinks, save for special occasions and the odd treat at the cinema, and instead are given water, fruit juices and milk. On a recent shopping trip to Tesco to stock up on lunch box essentials, I picked up some some multi-packs of Capri-Sun Fruit Crush 200ml pouches, as part of our #CollectiveBias shop. Capri-Sun Fruit Crush is made with 75% Fruit Juice and 25% Spring Water, and is 100% compliant with the new school food standards which makes them ideal for packed lunches.

Available in 3 delicious flavours: Apple & Blackcurrant, Apple & Pear, and Tropical, a pouch of Capri-Sun Fruit Crush also counts as 1 of your child's 5 a day. The other great thing about pouches is that they can be frozen so that when lunchtime rolls around, it's still nicely chilled for them to enjoy.

For H's first #CapriSunSchool lunch on Wednesday, & every lunch after that, I plan on packing in as many of his 5 a day portions as I can to make it tasty and healthy, and Capri-Sun Fruit Crush pouches will help me do just that.

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