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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Welcome to my very first time hosting Loud 'n' Proud, the link up says a sad goodbye to Judith but I hope you will all help me assist the original linky co-hosts in making this a really fun weekly link up to share all of those proud moments.

So last week you may have noticed the holiday spam filling your IG, twitter and Facebook feeds and for that I am #sorry #notsorry. I spent a wonderful few days with 11 fab bloggers (and a baby!) and the lovely Emilia from Mark Warner Holidays seeing what the gorgeous Greek island of Rhodes has to offer after winning a place on the trip, and an amazing time we had indeed. More to come on that later, but what I'm proud of this week is what was happening at home in my absence...

I left my very capable Mister in charge of the running of the home, and managing of our kids. I've mentioned before that I am happy to go on child-free breaks, and have no qualms about leaving the children with their father or grandparents who love them, and take care of them just as well as I do. As Dreaming of a Craft Room said on my previous post on the subject, "I used to love it when my parents left my brother and I for a sleepover at Granny's, it was an adventure for us and a break for my parents. Going away without your kids is a great idea", and those are my thoughts exactly.

I set off on Tuesday morning and the Mister got on with both roles instead of just his own. He did the school runs, the cooking, the cleaning, the washing, all of the running around to the kids after-school clubs and activities (with a little help from A, too), managed the electrician visit around all of that, and coped with an unfortunate incident on the Friday, as well as going to work. I came home on Saturday to a (mostly) tidy house, and happy children. He even picked me up from the airport! I had every faith in his ability to manage it all - if anything, he's probably more capable than me in all honesty!

People joke about leaving Dads in charge (myself included) but I think they're not given the credit they're owed. The Mister is a brilliant Dad and the kids & I are so lucky to have him. He's exhausted now, but don't feel too sorry for him, he's had plenty of days away this year and is off on another golf day next month...

Mama Owl


  1. Wow, well done to him! Managing 5 children is no mean feat... I don't know how either of you do it! So glad you had a great holiday, it really did look amazing. Thanks for hosting today. Hope it's a good one! x

  2. Very well done to him! I have to say that my husband wouldn't have coped so admirably. The only time I leave him with the kids is for Britmums and he finds it exhausting as he has no idea where the kids are supposed to be and when - because he's out of the house for 11-12 hours a day,

  3. Wow well done to him, very glad to hear all went so well. I think its nice for kids to be left with dada and grandparents too, my hubs has looked after monkey while I've been away, and the grandparents have done it too, though he is only one kid, not sure how they would feel about looking after 5! :) xx #loudnproud

  4. Glad to hear someone realising that not only is it not a terrible thing to go away without your kids, but it's actually a good thing for them and you. Not that I've had the chance but I'd grab it if I did have!


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