Mama OWL Blog: Encouraging Creativity #theGallery

Encouraging Creativity #theGallery

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

With the children so heavily involved in their schooling and extra-curricular activities it can often feel like I never have time to just let them 'be', so whenever we do find that precious time to just relax at home, I am keen to encourage them to express themselves in whatever way they would like.

H & E are very creative little beings and they love to make and do. Since they were little (all 5 of them) we have made cakes, and cooked, and baked, and spent time decorating cakes and biscuits and gingerbread houses, and I have loved letting them get involved with it. The gingerbread houses in particular never look all that pretty but they have such fun decorating them so who cares! It is so important to just let them do their own thing.

E is very artistic so we bought her a huge tub and filled it with art supplies for her birthday, she loves to sit at the table while I'm making dinner and let her creativity flow. I have pictures and things she has made stuck all over my walls and doors and I love seeing how proud she is of her work. H often sits and joins her in painting pictures or making collages, it's lovely to watch them bonding over a piece of their artwork, and making things together.

Too soon they will be engrossed in technology (much like A, J & L sadly are these days) so I am making the most of their desire to be creative, and play with something that doesn't have a screen!

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  1. Wow, you look like avery creative family!

  2. Keeping older ones away from technology is a constant battle here too, lovely to see your younger ones enjoying a creative session. I love the shots looking down on them at work. #TheGallery - Creative

  3. It's wonderful seeing children get creative and have the freedom to play/create whatever they feel like.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  4. It's great seeing what they vision in their minds on paper. Great art work!

  5. this looks like a hive of activity. great that they enjoy being creative! x

  6. How lovely! None of my kids are particularly creative, so it's nice to read about kids who are. Maybe it's because I never encouraged them - I've never been keen on the mess or hassle of creative play! I never encouraged them to play rugby either, but they did and we all love that :)

  7. I agree totally with what you say. love the pics - wondering how you got that birds eye view.

  8. Bless them, it looks like they are having a wonderful time. You are braver than me with craft things!


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