Mama OWL Blog: E's Swimming Success #LoudnProud

E's Swimming Success #LoudnProud

Thursday, 30 October 2014

On Monday, E completed her stage one award at swimming and as of next week has a brand new orange swimming hat, and will move on up to a new class with a new instructor, and on a different day too. So it's all change!

The teacher she has had since she started lessons in September 2013 is sad to see her move on, but delighted to have brought her so far and watched her progress through pre-school and stage one. E only started stage one at the end of July, so she has made amazing progress in just three short months, and has grown so much in confidence & ability especially considering she is only 4 years old. We are so proud of all of her hard work, and I'm looking forward to encouraging her through stage two and beyond. Well done, E!

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  1. Aww, bless her. Well done wee woman! Even my little boy, who is seven, won't come off his arm bands yet, so this impresses me so much! Here's to the next stage for her!xx #loudnproud

  2. Aww bless. Well done E!
    Popping over from LoudnProud xx

  3. That's brilliant, it's such an important skill and it's wonderful to see them do well. Well done E :)

  4. That is great and such an important skill

  5. Aw every little milestone like this is so special isn't it? Well done to E! X

  6. So cute! Reminds me of my little girl at her swim class. Well done to your little one! Definitely a #loudnproud moment :)


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