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Eyes. #seethemiracle

Friday, 10 October 2014

There are certain jobs that I have to admit that I really do not enjoy as a parent. Aside from the cleaning up of vomit and other unspeakable things on occasion, there are also the group visits to the dentist & the opticians that I dread. Taking 1 or 2 is fine, I can do that with my eyes shut (no pun intended) but 4 or 5 and we are reaching maximum likelihood of me having pulled my hair out come the end of the appointments. It's like herding cats.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the opticians for J, L, H, & E's check ups (A being 16 can now go on her own, and she was also working that day so couldn't come with us anyway). This was E's very first visit to the optician and she was quite nervous, but the optician was lovely and even got her a little booster seat to help her reach up to the equipment. She did really well and only has a mild prescription, but as her eyes and vision are still developing he didn't want to give her glasses yet, and she'll be going back in six months for another check but all in all, everything was just fine.

As for the boys, J was given a clear bill of eye health (he has clearly inherited his dad's 20/20 vision) and doesn't need another check up for two years. L has developed astigmatism and so has been given glasses to try and correct it, he has to go back in a year. The sight in H's right eye has deteriorated slightly & so he also got to choose new glasses (sorry kid, I accept full responsibility for your poor eyesight) & he'll also be going back in 12 months for a check up.

Even though I don't enjoy the group appointments (a lot of waiting around with a lot of kids isn't fun for anyone), I am so grateful that we have the NHS and immediate access to opticians and healthcare professionals who are there to help keep my children's eyes healthy and preserve their eyesight.

For #TheGallery this week, Tara at The Sticky Fingers Blog has chosen the theme 'Eyes' to highlight the work of the charity Sightsavers. They have just launched the Million Miracles campaign and the hashtag #seethemiracle with the aim of raising £30 million by 2018 to fund life-changing cataract operations in some of the poorest countries in the world.

On October 8th in Malawi, a man named Winesi had his cataract operation to restore his sight after being blind for two years. He had had to give up work, and so lost most of his income and had to rely on his family. Just £30 funds one operation for someone like Winesi, and because until December 31st 2014 the UK government will be matching donations to the campaign, it will actually pay for TWO operations. Make a donation, spread the word.

Go on, help someone see. Change a life.

Sightsavers/ - #SeeTheMiracle
Image Credit: - Sightsavers


  1. Love the black specs - looks like the doctor :)

  2. I really, really enjoyed this post! I love the way you write. I can't believe how grown up your littles are! E is a mini you. x


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