Mama OWL Blog: Keep up the good work! #LoudnProud

Keep up the good work! #LoudnProud

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The past few weeks have been a blur. Settling two into new schools, two back into school for the new school year, and helping one adjust to sixth form study has been rather exhausting to put it mildly.
Trying to keep everyone happy, settled, up together with homework, and managing the day to day - getting back into the daily routine after the summer with clubs and activities - has been tough going.

But - we're doing it!

The kids have really outdone themselves. I am so proud of their efforts so far this school year and how grown up they are. This might get long (I do have five kids after all) so please bear with me...

A is thoroughly enjoying her sixth form subjects - psychology, sociology, history and English lit - and has already earned an A* on one of her essays, as well as passing the probationary period for her studies.

J is really enjoying his GCSE subjects that he chose at the end of year eight. He gets to spend a lot more time taking part in sports which he loves, and the school also arranged a trip to Eurogamer for the Computer science class. He was delighted to have met Syndicate (I imagine most parents of teens & tweens will know this name - über famous YouTuber) as well as other online gamers, J was really inspired.

L has adjusted well to senior school. It hasn't been easy, and we have had sadly some very unfortunate incidents where L has been the victim of bullying including a physical assault. But he has been so resilient, and the school have been wonderful. He has really made an effort with his school work and in lessons, and really puts a lot of effort in to keeping up with homework. He has been tired, & grumpy, but he is doing SO well. I am so proud of him.

H has thrown himself back into school life with gusto. He couldn't wait to see his friends after the Summer, and also signed up to two after school clubs - hockey and football - as soon as he could. At his parent-teacher conference last week he had a glowing report from his teacher saying how hard he works, and what a lovely boy he is. He really is a great kid.

E adores school and has such a lovely class, she has made lots of friends and the strides she has made in her learning have been huge! Her reading and writing skills have just taken off, she is even spelling words in her sleep (it was very funny - "Guh Oh Tuh - GOT" whispered in the early hours of the morning). At her parents evening, her teacher told us how delighted she is with her, and what amazing progress she has made. We had a wobbly few weeks first thing in the morning with some separation anxiety when she was dropped off (natural for a child who has so far spent all her time just with mum, and at a small nursery school), but I am sure we are past that now and she can continue to make great progress.

What achievements and proud moments are you celebrating this week? Big or small, we want to hear about it! Link up to Loud 'n' Proud and share with us, feel free to grab the badge and we would love it if you could visit others and share the linky love, thanks! Closes Midnight on Sunday.

Mama Owl

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  1. That's fabulous - sounds like all your children are doing well in school, you must be a very proud mum :-)

  2. It sounds like they're all doing really well! Sorry to hear about the bullying, but great that the school are onto it and your son is so resilient. No wonder you are a proud mum!

  3. Aww sounds like they are all doing really well, sorry to hear about the bullying, that sounds horrible and trying, but hopefully it wont continue! Xx


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