Mama OWL Blog: Keeping the kids cosy! #MarkWarnerMum

Keeping the kids cosy! #MarkWarnerMum

Friday, 10 October 2014

I'll be honest - I'm not a massive fan of the snow*... (*might be an understatement) but the Mister and 4/5 of our kids LOVE it. Guess which one doesn't! I'm strictly a sunshine & beach kinda gal, but the Mister loves skiing (and the après-ski of course...) and has been off to Austria and Italy with his buddies, and A went skiing in France with the school a few years back, too, so I have had a little experience with shopping for a skiing wardrobe.

This has come in handy, as holiday gurus Mark Warner have challenged me to hand-pick a kids' ski holiday wardrobe for the latest blogger challenge to be in with a chance of winning one of three holidays. Never mind my fingers, I have everything crossed!

I've opted to check out some pieces for H, he's probably the most active of my five and he LOVES the snow, he's always the first out in it when it snows here and it's tough to get him back inside even when his lips are blue and his hands are numb! Polarn O. Pyret have an extensive range of Winter wear starting from newborn up to age 12 so he & I had a look through their junior section and he chose his favourites from the range for our top ski wear picks.

H liked the plain black ski jacket and trousers with black fleece gloves to match, and he thought that the orange balaclava would be fun to add for a PO.P of colour as well as matching the seams on the thermal top & leggings, and also for safety reasons as it would make him easy to spot in the snow.

The trousers have detachable & adjustable braces as well as stirrups, rip tapes and velcro adjustments to ensure a good fit which I think is essential for keeping them warm, dry and comfortable - there's nothing worse than ill fitting clothing that doesn't protect you from the elements.

The helmet and goggles are a must-have, and I really love this "Crazy Bones" design which is great fun for a tween, as well as making sure that they are safe and seen on the slopes. The goggles are a fun colour too and match the helmet nicely, as well as featuring double anti-fog lenses and Flow-Tech venting which keeps the lenses condensation-free and their vision clear.

1. Kids Padded Ski Coat (2-12y) £95 - 2. Kids Padded Ski Trousers (2-12y) £70
3. Padded Fleece Kids Gloves (2-12y) £12 - 4. Merino Wool Kids Balaclava £16 £11.20 (sale)
5. Thermal Kids Top (2-12y) £20 - 6. Thermal Kids Leggings (2-12y) £20

Remember that ski wear isn't just for skiing, it's good to have to hand for snowy weather here too. I don't know about your kids but as soon as the snow settles, mine are yanking on lots of layers and tripping over each other trying to get out of the door! The thermal top & leggings would also come in very handy as base layers for sport as we head into the Winter months, too.

What would be on your Winter wardrobe wishlist?

This is my entry for Mark Warner blogger challenge three.
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  1. Ahhh your cosy outfit choice is fab! I love all the cosy wear you can buy for kids but some is so expensive and it often doesn't fit them the following year :( We have been on a skiing holiday before and we hired the kids ski suits as we knew they would only last one season.


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