Mama OWL Blog: Meal Plan Monday 271014

Meal Plan Monday 271014

Monday, 27 October 2014

Mon 27th Oct - We're home from our holiday today so just something quick & simple with whatever we can find in the cupboard, as the shopping's not coming until tomorrow!

Tues 28th Oct - Sticky chicken with crispy salad

Weds 29th Oct - Meatloaf

Thurs 30th Oct - Brinner

Fri 31st Oct - As it's Halloween we're having a fun themed buffet dinner

Sat 1st Nov - Garlic peri peri chicken with rice and tenderstem broccoli

Sun 2nd Nov - Roast pork and applesauce

I've joined in with Mrs M's #mealplanningmonday linky with this post


  1. Yummy! Can I ask what Brinner is? X

  2. Brinner is "breakfast for dinner" :)

  3. Love the sound of your chicken dishes x

  4. Brinner! I love that! Nothing better than a breakfast for dinner every so often!



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