Mama OWL Blog: My wanderlust list - Yorkshire

My wanderlust list - Yorkshire

Friday, 24 October 2014

If you were asked - where is the one place in the UK that you would most love to visit, what would your answer be?

We are lucky to live in the beautiful West Country, an area steeped in history - we're just a stone's throw from the stunning city of Bath, and Stonehenge is less than an hour away. When we go away for short breaks in the UK we tend to head south; usually to Dorset, Cornwall, or Devon, but one place I would really love to visit is up north - Yorkshire.

The Aire Valley, Silsden  (Image Credit: M. Dobson)
I have heard wonderful things about Yorkshire, and have been tempted by all of the stunning scenic photographs shared by friends on social media. It features over 800 attractions, from world heritage sites to ruined castles and abbeys, mining museums and galleries - there is something for everyone.

Fountains Abbey, Ripon  (Image Credit: M. Dobson)
There's accommodation to suit everyone's needs, including backpackers barns, cheap hotels, countryside campsites, & self-catering townhouses. If we were taking the kids, I've heard great things about Billy-Bob's Ice Cream Parlour, which boasts a fantastic playground & undercover barn with dedicated area for smaller children away from the bustle of big kids, & where we could enjoy a delicious ice cream or food in the 50's style diner.
Bolton Abbey  (Image Credit: M. Dobson)
If we were enjoying a child-free break, I have been told that we should head into Leeds city centre where we'd be spoiled for choice with restaurants, attractions, shops, arts & culture, and nightlife - and most of the attractions are free! With museums, galleries, food & drink, shopping, and nights out where we can be entertained at a gig, cabaret, or comedy club, or even just to head out to a bar or club, I think both of our tastes would be well catered for.

Yorkshire is right at the top of my must-visit list for all of these reasons, and more. Where is top of yours?
Ilkley Moor  (Image Credit: M. Dobson)
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