Mama OWL Blog: {Autumn Bucket List} Things to do with Conkers!

{Autumn Bucket List} Things to do with Conkers!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn is here and that means one thing. No, not massive spiders. Though, that too... (& if you've seen one and not shared a picture of it on social media then that makes me love you a little bit - we don't all need to see them, it was big, we'll take your word for it... *Stern look directed at the rest of you*).


Not only are they brilliant fun to play the very originally named "Conkers" with, they are also said to keep those bloody great beastly spiders away (I don't know how true that is but frankly I'll try anything to keep them out).

Have your kids been collecting them this Autumn?

As part of our Autumn Bucket List activities we collected some conkers from the horse chestnut tree in a local orchard after their community apple picking afternoon. We arrived too late to take part in the apple picking (though they did very well without us as you can see) but H & E had great fun playing in the trees with their cousin T, gathering conkers and making up their own games using branches & sticks... You know, like in the olden days!

So - after you have collected all of these conkers, what exactly are you meant to do with them?

Daisies & Pie suggests using conkers as a spider deterrent, and shares several other natural ideas for keeping those unwelcome Autumnal visitors at bay.

At Red Ted Art there is a very helpful tutorial about how to play with conkers, complete with video and a list of materials for what you will need to play the game.

My Mummy's Pennies has shared five fun things to do with conkers, including using them for sensory and maths play (clever!), and making your own Halloween or Christmas decorations.

Or you can simply make a pretty seasonal decoration with them, like I have. Rattan balls with conkers and fir cones in a wooden bowl make a great decoration for the sideboard or table.

What have you done with yours?


  1. love your conker and apple pics. x

  2. Some great ideas here. I love how you've made a seasonal decoration with them x

  3. I've heard conkers keep godzilla spiders as i call them away too, so i am heading out into the wind today to get some after being greeted by said godzilla on my bed last night! love your pics beautiful!

  4. We love conkers. we made conker caterpillars last year, but must think of something different this year. The decorations are a good idea.

  5. Hello there, well our little chap rolled them in paint at pre-school and made some interesting paintings with them! We will also be posting them at each of the doors, it's meant to keep the big spiders out but we'll see how that goes! I also like the idea of conker caterpillars. x #magicmoments

  6. We are huge conker fans here! And the girls have been thorough enjoying them this year. Endless amounts of fun! Thanks so much for linking up to #SavouringtheSeason Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  7. Great pictures! I love the community orchard apple picking too! #magicmoments

  8. You can make soap and wash clothes using conkers too apparently.


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