Mama OWL Blog: What E Wore - Autumn

What E Wore - Autumn

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn is here and that means a small update to E's wardrobe was required. Away have gone the Summer dresses (at the rate she grows they'll probably still fit in the Springtime!) and we have picked up a couple of little bits to mix and match in with her other clothes. She doesn't really need as much now since she is in school uniform for so much of the time, but for the weekends and holidays she has a well stocked wardrobe to keep her warm and cosy.

Sainsbury's Tu Clothing have a gorgeous Autumn/Winter line in right now, with a lot of their pieces inspired by a beautiful woodland theme - my favourite! I couldn't resist this little knit Fox jumper and I bought the tweed shorts with floral tights to match. She has outgrown her cowgirl boots that I bought in the Springtime but E was delighted to discover this gorgeous pair adorned with butterflies and I imagine she will get lots of wear out of them over the coming months (read: I won't ever get them off of her).

In addition, we bought some accessories to keep her snuggly as the weather closes in. A cute pair of faux fur earmuffs with floral print, as well as a lovely chunky deep red woolly hat, scarf, and mitten set for the Winter.

I also picked up a four pack of long sleeved tops for £10 (two plain coloured, and two with a fun owl print), and an adorable mix & match 2 pack of woodland design pyjamas. I picked all of that up during their 25% discount event during September, but I dare say I will be back there again soon, it's just too much for me to resist!

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  1. Lovely! Love how all the foxes come out for A/W :-)

    My son grows really slowly.. I was putting away his school shorts this week thinking that he'll probably still wear them next summer. And he started wearing them a year ago! He's still got the same school shoes he started reception in over a year ago! One day I think he'll surprise me with a super growth spurt!

    Love the cowboy boots, big fan of those!

    Thanks for linking up! x

  2. We have the fox jumper too! Going to a bigger sainsburys tomorrow so hoping for more choice!

  3. I actually need that fox jumper... for me.

  4. I've seen that fox jumper the last time we did food shopping, it looks really cute. Lovely outfit, as always :)

  5. Lovely! My daughter has that set of shorts and tights too. We've picked her a few bits up in the 25% off events - it's too good an offer to miss!

  6. I love the owl and fox theme! So cute x

  7. I love every single bit! Those floral tights are the cutest x

  8. Wow, I love everything and most of all E's expression in the first photo. Proper little girl. I love all items you have shared. Most of all the tights! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  9. Beautiful! I always like sainsbury clothes when I see others in them but somehow when I'm in the shop I just can't see those same clothes!!!

  10. I wish my two would grow a bit slower lol. I'm going to be bankrupt by Easter at this rate. LOVE her fox outfit - super cute!! #TT_Thursday


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