Mama OWL Blog: Guy Fawkes Night Family Meal #shop

Guy Fawkes Night Family Meal #shop

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser.
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I have fond childhood memories of being stood in my wellies in a muddy field somewhere, within a sea of adult legs and other mittened children with woolly hats pulled down to our eyebrows & scarves up to our noses, wrapped up in the thickest coats we owned, our sparklers cutting through the dark as we waved our arms around with wild abandon, drawing shapes & writing our names with their bright fizzing glow. A bonfire - with a Guy propped up on the top - raging in front of us all as we all eagerly await the firework display. The scent of warming comfort food heavy in the cold air, cooking smells & steam spiralling up from the food van parked up at the edge of the field. Laughter, the crackle of the flames, whizzes & bangs in the distance.

There's always been something quite magical about Guy Fawkes Night for me. The nights draw in, the air turns crisp, and it means Christmas isn't too far off. I like to mark the occasion every year by making us a special bonfire night family meal - after paying for entry to a firework display, buying food on top particularly for 7 people isn't cheap & so I headed to my local Lidl supermarket for #CollectiveBias to see what I could buy for under £10.

For me bonfire night is all about crispy bacon butties & piping hot sausages in soft white rolls, all stuffed full with sweet caramelised red onions. I'm not a regular to Lidl, though I have to admit after having now had a proper look at the prices I think I might need to reconsider that position. We picked up a basket and collected up the things we needed, there was a wide range of fresh fruit & veg available and I picked up a bag of red onions for just 67p. The meats were very reasonably priced, so I chose 2 packs of sausages (L's favourite) & a double pack of smoked bacon (H's favourite) for our butties.

I also purchased three packs of 6 white rolls and two toffee apples as seasonal after-dinner treats for the two of my kids that like them as they were on offer for 2 for £1. Minus the 99p tube of pick & mix that E managed to sneak into the basket, the items for our meal came to a grand total of just £8.45.

I have tried many different recipes for caramelised onions and none have ever been just right, but this one is absolutely spot on and will now be my go-to recipe in future. Using balsamic vinegar, a little oil, soft brown sugar, and salt that I already had in my store cupboard, I made the perfect caramelised onions - I could have just eaten a roll full of them without any meat.

Simply chop 2 medium onions, give them a pinch of salt, and using a dash of oil soften them in a pan over a low heat for about 15 minutes, before adding two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and two tablespoons of the sugar. Then, slowly cook them until they are soft, sweet & jammy and ready to enjoy.

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