Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Milestone Moments

I remember those early days of parenthood. It is such an amazing time. You are full of wonder at this new person that you have brought into the world, and excitement at the prospect of raising this little bundle of love and sharing your life with them. It is beautiful and wonderful, and exhausting and overwhelming, but just absolutely incredible.

I carefully planned so many aspects of raising a family - what clothes to buy and where from for the best deal, which care seat is the safest, would I need a pram or a carrier, choosing brands of nappies and baby care items. As they have grown up it has progressed to which schools are best for my children, and even plans for university now my eldest is sixteen and studying for her A-levels. I wonder about the adults that they will become and the adventures that they will have when they fly the nest and go off to live their own lives.

But, I admit that I was one of those people that hadn't given much thought to life insurance or planning for the future until our third child was born. It was then that we realised we needed to put plans in place should anything happen to either or both of us, to make sure that the children will be provided for should the worst happen. Death is not something that anyone likes to think about, but especially now that we have five children, it is so important to ensure that they will have that security. I want to be safe in the knowledge that even if their father and I cannot be with them, that we have provided them and their guardian with a secure financial future.

Aviva have created a useful video to offer key advice for new parents and help guide with what to do when you have a baby, including tips on saving money and getting into your new routine. Take a look, and share your thoughts on Aviva’s official Facebook page, because if - like I did - you feel you lack understanding of life protection, Aviva want to hear from you.


Whether it is the birth of your first child or the purchase of your first home, Aviva want to know which moments in your life have had the most impact in their Facebook competition #milestonemoments. The competition runs from the 10th - 14th November and lucky participants will stand the chance of winning £250 worth of high street vouchers, so why not watch the video & join the conversation on Facebook.

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