Mama OWL Blog: 2014 - How was it for you?

2014 - How was it for you?

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

So how was 2014 for you? For me, I think overall - it was a bloody good one.

I got to travel and see some of the world, stepping out of my comfort zone and making some amazing new friends on the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. I took my children to Paris & showed them the sights (and saw them for the first time myself, too!) and we had a lovely week away in a villa in the south of France. We also managed to sneak off and enjoy a long family weekend in Cornwall during the October half term as well as a couple of odd days in Weston-super-Mare and Weymouth, and we are VERY excited about our upcoming adventure in 2015 with Mark Warner.

There were lots of changes, with E starting primary schoolL moving up to secondary and A starting the Sixth Form. We've dealt with our fair share of ups & downs, it hasn't been an easy ride and the transition for L has been a particularly difficult one due to his additional needs. But - we're getting there, and all of the children are making good progress, both in school & in their extra curricular activities. E, H & L have all made excellent headway in their swimming, L earned his first belt in Tae Kwon-Do, & E's shown a great deal of promise in her gymnastics while H has been enjoying the new challenges of U9s contact rugby (a change from tag last season!).

The year has been a big one for the two teenagers of the household. A had the opportunity to travel to Poland with the school & visited Auschwitz, and the time came for J to buckle down and choose his GCSE options. With J just starting his GCSE studies, A finally came to the end of hers & celebrated by getting dolled up for her Year 11 Prom after sitting her exams in the Summer, the results of which she received at the end of August.

As with any other year there were of course parenting highs and lows. I wrote an open letter to my children about the housework, and I also took time out to reflect on the Toy Story effect. Although I try not to think about it, thoughts of the time that I won't be here for my children also played on my mind, and this subject is also relevant to my post about sticking two fingers up to the 'Christmas police' (and for that matter, those who get all bent out of shape about what other people put in their kids lunchboxes. Have a word...). I rejoiced at the end of the Christmas term (because I was utterly knackered) and also admitted that sometimes I don't really know what I'm doing - but I'm doing my best, and that's okay.

I'm not making resolutions because as I said last year, I think they're a bit pointless and a date on a calendar doesn't have magical powers to make things happen. I however do have the ability to make things happen for myself, and so positive changes to make a better (not a "new") me are on the cards for 2015, and I hope to share them with you in the coming weeks.

I really love my little blog, and I'm grateful to everyone who comes here and reads, and takes the time to leave a comment. I am not the biggest or best or most popular, but this is my space on the 'net and it is what it is. I write for the enjoyment I get from it, and the love I have for it and I appreciate you visiting & spending your valuable time reading whatever it is I've had to say.

I wish you and yours the happiest of new years, with lots of love, peace, good health, happiness and prosperity. May 2015 be everything you wish it to be, and more. Thank you for reading, and see you next year!


  1. Sounds like 2014 was a good year for you overall - hope that 2015 will also be a great year :-)

  2. Wow your 2014 sounds as action packed as mine was! What a great reflective piece, and it sounds as if 2015 will be as full of fun and challenges

    1. It has certainly kept us on our toes! Thank you very much, happy new year to you and yours I hope it's a great one.

  3. Happy new year to you! What a lovely, positive post. Here's to another good year for you all.


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