Mama OWL Blog: {Christmas Bucket List} Deck the Halls

{Christmas Bucket List} Deck the Halls

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Decking the halls isn't just about trimming the tree, & in our home we like to try and give the whole house that festive feel with little Christmassy touches here & there. I almost couldn't wait until Dec 1st to decorate, but I managed to rein myself in because before that is just a bit too early for me.

The living room is of course the "main stage" and the majority of our Christmas decs are here. We bought a new tree this year as sadly our old one decided to snap into a million pieces when we got it down from the loft to check it over. I insisted on a 7ft one without really considering the space in our living room - it's massive. I swear it's bigger than the display one in the shop! It looks beautiful though and I am really pleased with it, it was reduced from £80 down to £40 so hopefully that will last us a good few years now.

As we have a bigger tree, we also treated ourselves to some new baubles and lights, and Wilko kindly sent us a few new trinkets to add to our collection - including a chalkboard style bauble on which we have written #Shepsmas14 (our IG hashtag for anyone wishing to follow our celebrations), stylish black/white 9mm baubles, and a statement glossy black glass bauble featuring a bold pattern of pink & white glitter, all from the Humbug range.

We also received a black flocked Reindeer decoration which we have used to decorate our DVD shelves (and have given him some bauble antler ornaments!), and the adorable retro "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus" metal heart decoration which is just £2 from their Pixie range.

Our colour scheme is teal and brown mainly, with some silver and gold. Our new baubles are a 50pk mixed size box of silver, teal, blue and purple from Wilko's Odyssey range and only cost us £5, and we decided on warm white multi-function LED lights for the tree and picked up a box of 80 for £12.50.

We've had to decorate a little higher up than the very bottom of the tree thanks to an inquisitive puppy named Joey who likes to steal the baubles, and race around the living room with the tree skirt in his mouth but overall he has really been immaculately behaved with it, considering - though I often find him just sat underneath it like some very naughty little Christmas elf!

Christmas is slowly creeping up the stairs and we have black and white decs to match our black, red, and white colour scheme throughout the hall, stairs and landing area - I really love the black and white star ceiling garland.

As well as a beautiful tree and spangly ceiling garlands, we have added a few trinkets to the sideboard in the living room, filling a wooden bowl with old baubles, and stringing lights around the front window to show off our gorgeous glittery teal rattan star decorations. I also plan to spread the Christmas cheer further throughout the house and decorate the children's bedrooms with miniature trees during the next week.

Are your Christmas decorations up yet? Do you decorate just one area or do you go all out and turn your house into a grotto?!

We received a selection of complimentary decorations from Wilko. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words. All links are no-follow.


  1. Your tree looks gorgeous and so very festive! I love the idea of writing a hashtag or personal message on a bauble too, these would be great to keep and bring out every year. I must go and check Wilko's out, all the desc you have look great.

  2. It's all so very fun and festive! Your tree looks lovely! Thanks so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason
    So sorry I'm late!


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