Mama OWL Blog: Florence's Letter to Santa

Florence's Letter to Santa

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Florence has been a part of our family for almost two years now. We brought her home in January 2013 after a chance sighting of some gorgeous puppies on Facebook, on a whim we decided to go and see them - and we ended up bringing one home.

This in part is due to the Mister's decision to wait in the car...

I've never really been an animal person. I like them and all, but the furthest I would stretch to on the pet front was a hamster, of which we have had four over the past few years, Sparky & Cannonbolt (RIP) and now Alan & Victor. Florence arrived with us by chance, she was the runt of the litter and quite the little furry scamp and wouldn't leave me alone when we met her, and so here we are now.

Florence really is the most beautiful and loving companion. She is sweet, and protective, and loves to have fun and play. She loves nothing more than snuggling up for a nap but is equally game for racing around with the kids and being a clown. I never anticipated exactly how much I would love a dog, but I absolutely adore her & can't imagine her not being a part of our family.

Pets at Home invited Florence to write a letter to Santa last month, they have a huge range of fantastic gifts not only for dogs but a wide variety of pets of all shapes & sizes. We knew the one thing that she wanted, they don't sell, but as her mummy & daddy only the Mister and I could find her that...

We made the decision earlier in the year to get another dog, as a playmate for Flo and to keep her company. After watching her flinging her teddy around and chasing it, we thought she would probably like someone to play with, and as it happened a friend of A's from school told her that her dad's miniature dachshund was expecting a litter in September if we were interested. A couple of weeks after the pups arrived we went to visit them, and we were by chosen by Joseph (Joey). We put down a deposit that day, and then we picked him up & brought him home in November.

Joey, our naughty little sausage, is amazing. He has fit right in to our family, and after a couple of weeks of getting used to each other, he and Flo are the best of friends (as well as the worst of enemies at times - like any 'siblings'!). They are as thick as thieves and love to play together, and snuggle up to sleep at bedtime together. We all love him so much, especially Florence.

So Flo got her early Christmas present, her "Joey", and was also spoiled by Pets at Home who sent a hamper of all the things she had asked for for herself & her new brother, including their very own doggy advent calendar & selection box, candy canes for them to chew on, sock monkeys for them to play tug o' war with and lots of yummy treats & goodies for them to share.

And it just isn't Christmas without a fun festive jumper. If you have dogs and aren't dressing them up, you're missing an opportunity. Don't forget your furry family members this Christmas, treat them to something special.

What would be on your pet's letter to Santa?

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