Mama OWL Blog: Time for the Nativity? Oh yes it is!

Time for the Nativity? Oh yes it is!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

It's not Christmas without a pantomime or nativity, & this year I was treated to both courtesy of my youngest two children at the end of Christmas term.

H is in year 4, so he will be "the choir" until year 6 when they give out all the speaking parts, but he still enjoyed being a part of this year's school production which was Cinderella. Our primary always puts on a great panto, adding their own twist by coming up with their own songs put to music by artists like Elvis, the Beatles, or from musicals such as Grease. This year, Cinderella was set to the Grease soundtrack (accompanied by the headmaster on his guitar and belted out with gusto by the choir as well as the cast), and we were treated to musical gems such as 'Greased Pumpkin' and 'Oh, Cindy'. It was very funny and a joy to watch. Everyone puts in so much time and effort to make it a fun event and the kids all really enjoy taking part. It's definitely one of my favourite Christmas traditions and one I'll miss when they've all left primary school (doesn't bear thinking about!).

E, being in reception class, was part of the nativity - called the "Wriggly Nativity" - and played a star. She is of course my little star (badoom-tish) and she loved her first 'big school' production. Last year she was a wise man for her nursery school nativity but this year it was a much bigger affair, with lots more people there to watch! She had a couple of moments during the show in which her star fell off her head and she got a bit overwhelmed, but the teachers soon settled her and she carried on with the songs and accompanying actions, and a beautiful job she did too. The Mister and I were very proud of all of their hard work and loved watching the show.

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