Mama OWL Blog: Bug off, Winter germs!

Bug off, Winter germs!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

I don't know about the rest of you but I am longing for the Spring.

Granted, it has been a mild Winter so far (touch wood) which has been a relief because I really don't 'do' cold but the kids have caught more bugs and lurgy than I would have liked and it's all lingering & making everyone feel pretty bloody rubbish.

All of the children have had a horrible snotty cough/cold that just won't naff off, and of course the Mister and I caught it too - him first, sadly, because I mocked him for being a wimp and then I caught it and realised exactly how horrid it was. For a while the only way I could actually breathe for over a week was by constantly snorting Sinex Micromist (amazing stuff) and knocking back Beechams cold & flu tablets with my coffee.

We've also battled with the dreaded Winter stomach bug and all of the kids have had that in turn over the past month, though now we seem to be on round two with H being really poorly on New Year's Eve, & it's now L's turn to have the horrible cold. Poor A has come worst off as she has had all of it, including the cold twice, and now has tonsillitis.

I don't even want to know how much we have spent on cold and flu remedies, as well as tissues and anti-bac spray. Needless to say I should have bought stock in pharmaceuticals last Autumn. The Mister and I even had to put our purchases through in separate transactions at the supermarket because we bought so much at one point, enough for all of seven of us to make it through Christmas without having to dash out for supplies and risk everywhere being shut.

Aside from the over the counter remedies we have been utilising the old classics of drinking honey and lemon, and steaming ourselves in the bathroom with the shower running on occasion. There have been far too many restless nights and poorly days thanks to all the germs and bugs and we are very much looking forward to (hopefully) some warmer weather and NO illness. Though with the kids heading back to school on Monday/Tuesday I dare say we are not out of the woods yet.

Do you have any tried and tested methods of shifting those horrible Winter lurgies?


  1. My best tactic is to stay in doors, watch Disney movies and eat rubbish until we feel better - probably not the best method but definitely works for us! ;) x


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