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Mealtime Inspiration

Monday, 12 January 2015

I've had to take more care over my lunches during the last couple of weeks, rather than just throwing together a sandwich and grabbing a bag of crisps I have had to put actual thought into it which I haven't tended to do when only cooking for myself. Dinner times have also included a bit of extra work, although not too much thankfully, and I have managed to adjust our family meals to keep everyone happy without cooking twenty different dishes*.

*might be a slight exaggeration

Chicken is featuring quite highly as we picked up a bulk package from the wholesalers, & I've tried a couple of new recipes which have turned out better than I thought. Like - who knew that apple & chicken tasted so good together? With a sprinkling of cinnamon too. Delicious. I've also discovered that I don't hate smoothies or soup that much.

Here are a few of my favourite meals from the past couple of weeks, complete with links to recipes where necessary. I'm sure you won't need a recipe for the yogurt & berries...

Mixed berries with 2 tbsp Total 0% Greek Yogurt.

Carrot & coriander soup using this recipe, I have omitted the potato from mine, swapped vegetable oil for coconut oil and used Kallo chicken stock.

Mediterranean Chicken Kebabs using this recipe, omitting the lemon juice and goat milk yogurt and swapping olive oil for coconut oil, served with a mixed salad.

Smoothie made with frozen berries and pineapple, with a couple of tbsp of Total 0% Greek Yogurt, and a little water.

Chicken, dipped in egg and rolled in ground almonds mixed with paprika, then baked and served with a small green salad.

Farmer's Pie, topped with mashed cauliflower and served with broccoli and carrots.

Home-made pork burgers based around this recipe, served with a baked frittata, made with red onions and tomato, but without milk or cheese.

And finally the aforementioned chicken and apple stir-fry, taken from this recipe.


I hope that these perhaps give you some inspiration, and it's worth bearing in mind that I often follow recipes but don't stick to them exactly - I add and change things to suit my own family's tastes, and I would recommend you do the same to make it right for you.


  1. I am SO trying the chicken kebabs, they looks and sound amazing! I'm SO fed up of salad lol, I need to make it more exciting or something.
    Lovely recipes, thanks for sharing xx

  2. It all looks fab! I'm usually ok for evening meal ideas but rubbish when it comes to my lunch, I can never think of any good ideas.

    1. That's where I usually struggle too, as it's only me here at lunchtime I usually pick a quick & easy option but I've had to put more thought in to it lately.

  3. these look so healthy and delicious

  4. These recipes look great love the sound of the Farmers pie with the cauliflower on top going to. Definately try this one and the kebabs


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