Mama OWL Blog: VonShef Coffee Machine and Waffle Maker Review

VonShef Coffee Machine and Waffle Maker Review

Friday, 9 January 2015

review post.

One of my favourite festive traditions which to be honest is more for us grown ups than for the kids is having pancakes and waffles on Christmas Eve. We also splash out and treat ourselves to more pricey posh coffee, because if you can't indulge a little at Christmas then frankly, when can you?

In December I was contacted by the lovely people at Domu who asked if I would be interested in reviewing some items from their comprehensive range of homeware and after browsing their kitchen range - did I ever! They kindly sent me the VonShef Waffle Maker, along with the VonShef Digital Filter Coffee Machine which can be purchased from their Amazon shop as well as their website.

The coffee maker could not be easier to use. Of course it comes with full instructions, but it is quite self explanatory with its programming and can be scheduled to make you a fresh pot of coffee to wake up to in the morning. Of course you have to set it up the night before, but what a great smell to wake up to! The built-in warming plate keeps the pot the perfect drinking temperature, before shutting itself off after two hours. It was perfect for our Christmas morning wake up cup, and we have found it invaluable since the children have gone back to school, saving us time in the morning by having it ready-made when we get downstairs to start getting everyone sorted and out the door.

It has a huge 15 cup capacity, an anti-drip valve that prevents leaking, and a permanent/removable filter with the option of using paper filters for quick & easy cleaning - and I'm all for anything that makes my life easier!

The waffle maker is quite simply fantastic and the kids have loved having waffles instead of boring old pancakes, as the waffly shape of course makes them more interesting. To ease us into the first week back at school I have made batches of waffles in the evening (using the recipe provided in the instructions, though I'm looking forward to giving my own a go soon) ready to be warmed up in the morning for breakfast. Even on the days that the older 3 have been running late for the bus (so - most days), they have had lovely warm waffles to take with them to eat on their way.

It heats up quickly, and has lights on the front to indicate when it is heating, and when the temperature is right for cooking. The plates are non-stick (though best to give them a quick brush over with oil - don't use sprays as they can damage the plates) and it has a cool touch handle, though the top does of course get very hot when in use. It's easy to clean, just wait until it has cooled down and give it a gentle wipe over with a damp cloth.

Pictured above was my first batch of waffles, they were a little anaemic as I probably should have cooked them a little longer to give them a nice browning but I was a bit worried about burning them on my first go! Batches since have been perfect, you can check the waffles after 2 minutes of cooking (don't open the lid before or it may tear the waffles) and then close it and cook for about another 4-6 minutes.
Waffles are also a great dessert option as a weekend treat, served with a scoop of ice cream, and maybe some caramel or hot fudge. Or both. I don't judge.

Both the Waffle Maker and Coffee Maker are available at fantastic prices at the moment (the coffee machine is less than £20!), personally I think that they are great bits of kit especially for the 'Kitchen Gadget' lover, and would recommend them highly.

We received complimentary VonShef products for review purposes.
The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. Oh yes! This is right up my street! We do a fresh pot of coffee (freshly grated cocoa for the little one) on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.
    The waffle maker is a lovely idea. I had one once and never got to use it, was always on the search for the perfect Belgian waffle recipe and then at some point over the years, lost the waffle maker!!
    Very tempted to go onto Amazon right now and buy this baby though!!!

    1. Honestly, it's brilliant, I'm thinking of buying some to keep for Christmas gifts for my siblings! Such a bargain

  2. I love VonShef products I recently got their stand mixer . Your waffles look great.

    1. Thank you! They're fab aren't they, I am now coveting their entire range haha

  3. I have never heard of VonShef but these products look great, I especially love the waffle maker and would love to make my own waffles! x

    1. I hadn't until now either, can't believe I have been missing out! You should treat yourself, there's nothing like fresh waffles with maple syrup (and bacon...) x

  4. Ooh that sounds great - how lovely to have nice coffee and warm waffles first thing in the morning :-)

    1. It has been really lovely to enjoy over Christmas during leisurely mornings at home :)

  5. That's stylish and very affordable. The red would match my kitchen. I am down to one coffee a day now which is very precious so has to taste good. my blog


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