Friday, 13 February 2015

Chocolate Orange Valentine's Truffles

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Getting kids in the kitchen is so important, teaching them to cook and bake is a vital life skill in my opinion and what better way to encourage them to learn than by taking advantage of special days and seasons, and making some delicious themed goodies.

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and something easy and fun for the kids to make is chocolate truffles. The children & I made a chocolate cake, cut a small square out of the inside of the top layer, and added some tasty chocolate orange truffles inside before icing the outside with chocolate orange icing. All you need to make your own truffles is:

300g chocolate
300ml double cream
50g butter (unsalted)

And of course, something to decorate & add flavour to the outside - we used Sugar & Crumbs natural flavoured Orange Zest icing sugar mixed in with some cocoa powder to roll the truffles in before popping them into petit fours cases. You can also use sprinkles or crumbs, or any flavour combinations you like.

Break up the chocolate into small pieces and add to a bowl, and then simply melt the cream and butter together, before pouring it over the chocolate and giving it a good stir until it has all melted and combined. Then pop the mixture in the fridge to chill overnight. All you need to do then is use a teaspoon to roll out a small ball of the chocolate mixture, shape using your hands and then roll it in the coating of your choice before popping it into a case. These are so easy for the children to do themselves and are the perfect home-made Valentine's gift for a loved one.

Sugar & Crumbs have a brilliant range of natural flavoured icing sugars, as well as flavoured cocoa powders and chocolate icing sugars. We received 3 delicious flavours to try out - Orange Zest, Sugar & Spice, & Key Lime - and we have been very impressed by their quality. These icing sugars not only smell divine, the taste is phenomenal - rich & full flavoured but all natural as well as gluten free and suitable for a vegetarian & vegan diet. The fuss-free packaging is eye catching yet compact (handy for my jam-packed baking cupboard!), and the bag is resealable to keep it at it's best until its next use.

Inspire your children's imaginations with flavour - with Easter coming up, what could be better than a home-made carrot cake topped with Sugar & Spice butter cream!

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  1. Oh this is such a lovely idea and it looks so simple too, will have to try it x

    1. They are so easy to make, the kids had great fun making them especially with the fun new flavours!


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