Sunday, 8 February 2015

Project 365 | W6

Welcome to week 6 of my #Project365 (this year is flying by!). You can also follow our daily progress on Instagram, via the hashtag #Shep365 if you would like to.

032 - Sunday, meaning rugby with H and football with J, the filling of water bottles for the U14s football team (as the Mister is a coach) and two tired boys with muddy boots come the afternoon.

033 - Walkies with Florence & Joey, whilst Flo loves to get outside and go for walk (more like a run), Joey is less enthused about the whole thing and will only walk if Flo is right next to him!

034 - It was parents evening for H & E this week, we received lots of positive feedback about their progress and behaviour (very proud), and some ways to help support their learning at home.

035 - The Mister and I headed in to town to book our flights to Australia this evening for a friend's wedding at the end of next month, and I captured this shot of the church and the beautiful sunset beyond it.

036 - Today was J's 14th birthday, which means birthday cake! I am such a messy baker, but his cake was well received and enjoyed by all.

037 - H & E wanted to go swimming while L had his 1:2:1 lesson, and this is the face of someone who is very excited about that prospect!

038 - Teenage boys are far too cool and grown up for birthday parties of course, so we took J & two of his friends out to eat at a local restaurant. The photo illustrates exactly how cool and grown up J is, I think.

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  1. J is very cool indeed, and love the excited face of your cute girl. Beautiful sunset photo of the church. Going to a wedding in Australia, you brave people. I don't think I can endure such a long flight, wedding or not.

    1. Thank you! I'm so nervous about the flight, but more so about leaving the children although they are in very safe & capable hands!

  2. What a beautiful sunset behind the church, and what a lovely trip to look forward to!

  3. Happy birthday to J! Beautiful shot of the church and sky. You must be very excited about going to Australia!

  4. What lovely photos!
    The photo of the church is just stunning! x


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