Mama OWL Blog: A Frozen Fifth Birthday Party

A Frozen Fifth Birthday Party

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

E's big day has been and gone, she is now five years old! We celebrated her birthday on April 27th with balloons, and cake with family and a special shopping trip to Toys R Us (as she requested) so that she could choose her own birthday presents. She had a lovely day at school and all of her classmates sang happy birthday, and she gave out little packets of sweets to everyone at the end of the day.

The main event was reserved for the following weekend, when she would have her very first proper birthday party with all of her friends. I had waited until she started school for this as otherwise in my opinion and experience (having had four before her) it's a lot of expense and effort for something that she wouldn't remember or appreciate, but at the age she is now she was fully able to enjoy her special day with her new reception class friends and cousins, and it was a really lovely party. She of course chose a Frozen themed birthday party, and so I dutifully did my best to make sure that that was exactly what she got.

The fabulous people at Party Delights sent us some wonderful Frozen partyware to help make sure E's party was everything she dreamed of, and I purchased the most brilliant party favours to put in the party bags from a company I found on Facebook, called Memories Gro. The lady (who is lovely, outstanding customer service) managed to get them to me in just a couple of days after I put her on the spot with next to no notice, and they were just perfect. Containing wildflower seeds and a beautiful snowflake clip, the stitched paper pouches read "Let it Grow!" on one side, and were personalised with "Thank you snow much for coming to Erica's party" on the other - such a clever idea, and really different to the usual pots of bubbles or plastic whistles!

I hired a nearby village hall for the afternoon, and local company Bounce-a-roo who offer a range of bouncy castles for hire as well as Princess experiences, Superhero parties, and face painting. We opted for the Frozen inspired Snow Queen Princess experience, with princess bouncy castle. The bouncy castle was delivered at 2pm from the start of our hall hire and set up for us with instructions for use and safety. The party began at 2:45pm so the children had a good 45 minutes of bouncing and playing before the special guest arrived at 3:30pm.

E was very excited when she found out that Queen Elsa had arrived, although she did go very shy during the Queen's visit. E's friends gathered around on the mat, and all learned how to do snow magic and act like princesses, before E walked down the pink carpet (holding Mummy's hand) and twirled for her friends. She was given her very own princess tiara and certificate, and got to wear the special birthday princess sash, there was even a rack of dresses & outfits brought in for any children who wanted to dress up for the visit.

The Snow Queen read the children a story ('The Little Mermaid', while themed music played in the background) & then they all sang 'Let it Go' together. At the end of the visit, Queen Elsa brought out the birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday to E. It was a truly magical, very professional, experience and E absolutely loved every minute of it.

I chose all the food to fit in the Frozen theme as best I could, on the menu was:

Hans' Frozen Hearts (strawberries dipped in white chocolate)
Sven's Antlers (sour cream & chive pretzels)
Troll Rocks (red & green grapes)
Olaf's Arms (mini breadsticks)
Snowballs (marshmallows, and popcorn)
Hans & Anna's Sandwiches (ham rolls & cheese wraps)
Elsa's Melted Hearts (strawberries)
Olaf's Noses (carrots)
Olaf's Buttons (raisins)
Anna & Elsa's Chocolate (maltesers)
Kristoff's Ice Cubes (rice krispie squares)

I also made some marshmallow pops, which were big white marshmallows stuck on a lollipop stick, dipped in icing and then in 'blue glimmer' sugar sprinkles, and I included a couple of bowls of Walkers baked star ready salted crisps, too.

I made my own food labels for the buffet table using images of characters from the movie which I printed out and laminated. I also found some free melted snow water bottle labels which I printed out at home, check out my pinterest board for lots of free Frozen themed food ideas and printables. You could even print out colouring pages for a quiet activity for the children to do if it all gets a bit overwhelming, or perhaps to add to party bags with a little box of crayons.

Follow Mama Owl's board Frozen Party on Pinterest.

This year's cake was an Olaf cake, I made him out of rice krispie treats and covered him in fondant, before adding him to the top of a single tier vanilla cake (one layer blue, one layer purple), filled with vanilla buttercream. The cake was then airbrushed a graduated blue, and adorned with lots of sparkly fondant snowflakes, all made by me.

The party was a huge success and despite three of E's friends from class sadly being poorly on the day and missing the party, E had a 5th birthday party to remember.


  1. It looks like such a fab party! Well done on the cake, it's brilliant x

    1. Thank you, it went really well - everyone had lots of fun! X

  2. What a fab party. Like you i won't be organising any parties until my little one is in school. The frozen theme looked great and I love al those personal touches with the food and thank yous. #magicmoments

    1. It is just a lot of effort when they don't really remember it, I'd much rather spend the money on a family day out! Thank you x

  3. The cake looks great, well done. I love the menu choices as well, all perfectly themed.

    1. Thank you, everyone had a lovely time :-) x

  4. Oh wow what a party, it sounds amazing. And the cake looks so good!!

    1. Thank you, they all had a lovely time!

  5. Happy birthday to E. Wow what a wonderful party that looks. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Lucy from Memories gro is a friend of mine, she really does make lovely things!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. How funny, what a small world! They are so lovely, had lots of compliments about them! Thank you :)

  6. Looks like so much fun and the cake is amazing!
    My daughter had a Frozen fifth birthday party too!

  7. Aww, it looks like an amazing party! I was at a Christening party at the weekend and met Olaf! :D #magicmoments


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