Mama OWL Blog: Packing for a Primary School Residential Trip

Packing for a Primary School Residential Trip

Thursday, 21 May 2015

It's that time of year again and school kids up and down the country are preparing to set off for their end of year residential trips. My children have visited lots of wonderful places and had some amazing experiences with their schools including skiing in the French Alps, exploring in Pencelli, and a sombre tour of Auschwitz and Birkenau amongst others. School trips are - in my opinion - a vital aspect of school life, and while sometimes they can be expensive particularly if you've had to buy a lot of kit, I do truly think that they are worth every penny in terms of experience & adventure for the kids.

H, my 9 year old, is heading off on his very first sleep-away trip next month with his teachers & Y4 classmates, and he is very excited about it. His older siblings have all been to the same activity centre during their time at school & all had a wonderful time.

With the school trip comes the trip kit list so we have been busy planning what we will need for him to take on his little adventure. It's an outdoor activity based trip and he will be doing lots of exploring and team-building exercises outside in our famously unpredictable British weather, so we have to be prepared because as the saying goes, "there is no such thing as bad weather - just unsuitable clothing". On H's kit list there is:

- Waterproof Coat/Jacket
- Comfortable Walking Shoes/Wellies
- Warm Jumpers/Hats/Gloves
- Changes of Clothing (no jeans)
- Socks & Undies, and Nightwear
- Slippers/Indoor trainers
- Towel, and toiletries
- Sun Hat/Sun Cream (optimistic...)
- Rucksack & Torch
- Plastic Lunch Box with refillable Water Bottle
- Bedtime Book
- Plastic Bag for bringing home laundry

Trespass is a UK company who specialise in outdoor clothing and equipment, and kindly sent a navy Skydive 3-in-1 Waterproof Jacket for H to wear during his trip. The jacket has a very simple but versatile design and enables you to wear it either with the snug fleece lining, or as two separate jackets. It has taped seams for added protection against the elements, and a concealed fold-away hood and pockets for handy storage.

Currently priced at £30.99 and available in four different colours (navy, black, purple, and pink), the Skydive jacket will be a great school coat even after H has been on his residential, we chose it in navy so that it would match his school uniform & look smart. Now we are just waiting for our Stamptastic kit to arrive so we can get all of his belongings labelled quickly & easily so with any luck it should all make it home, too!

H received a complimentary Trespass Jacket for review purposes.
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  1. Hope he has a fab time! My daughter had her year 4 residential in November, brrr! My 11yo is off on his y6 residential after half-term, so I'll be double-checking the kit list in preparation!


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