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Seaside Days

Saturday, 23 May 2015

I have fond memories of impromptu visits to the seaside as a child. I remember my mum & dad closing up the plant nursery on a Sunday afternoon, and then bundling the four of us girls in the car and heading off to the nearest beach where we would eat chips on the sand and stay & play until it started to get dark. We'd be changed in to our PJs back at the car and the next thing we knew, it would be morning - after the two of them had carefully transferred our sleeping selves from car to bed when we reached home.

I would love to take the kids to the seaside more often than I do, but sadly life & money tends to get in the way. A few weeks ago we organised a family trip to Weymouth on the train with the children, so myself, my siblings & mum all headed off for the day - buckets & spades in hand, picnics made to share stashed under buggies & in cool bags.

Despite it being a bit windy and foggy, we set up camp on the beach with our towels and bit & pieces and the kids got stuck in to having fun - digging holes, building sandcastles, playing with their ball & frisbee and generally racing around like lunatics, it was wonderful. The kids had ice creams & ate chips out of buckets, and shared their picnics and sweets. It's the kind of day out that I hope will always stay in their memory, like it does mine - simple fun at the seaside with their cousins, enjoying quality time together.

This makes me even more excited for our upcoming Mark Warner holiday to Lakitira in the October half term as an official #MarkWarnerMum. We have never been on a plane all together and have never had a beach holiday abroad (though we did enjoy a wonderful family holiday to Paris & the South of France in a beautiful villa last Summer), we are all very much looking forward to this amazing opportunity and much needed break from the daily routine of work, school, clubs, A-levels & GCSEs.


  1. A lovely beach day and what wonderful memories from your own childhood, I can see why you are excited for your big trip this summer, you will have a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing your taster beach day on Country Kids.

  2. Lovely childhood beach memories. To be honest this made me realized how lucky I am to live near one.

    Lovely photos! #countrykids


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