Mama OWL Blog: Meal Plan Monday 080615

Meal Plan Monday 080615

Monday, 8 June 2015

Meal Plan 080615
Monday 8th
Toad in the hole with vegetables & chips (sweet potato chips & D&A sausages, no batter for me)
Tuesday 9th June
Lasagne (made with sliced aubergine for me)
Wednesday 10th June Brinner*
Thursday 11th June
Cottage Pie topped with root veg mash
Friday 12th
Ham, egg & chips (with spinach, no chips for me)
Saturday 13th June
Fajita chicken salad for me, the Mr is away for the weekend and the kids are going to the in-laws for the night because tomorrow morning...
Sunday 14th June
Roast Chicken - after I complete the Race For Life 5K!

#MealPlanningMonday linked up with At Home with Mrs M.
{*Brinner = breakfast for dinner}


  1. Have fun at Race for Life! Tasty menu, still admiring you making yourself a healthy alternative. Have a fab week :) xx

  2. We had Ham, egg & chips tonight....Was so good!
    Sounds like you have a lovely week planned...


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