Mama OWL Blog: My Favourite Health, Fitness & Weightloss Apps

My Favourite Health, Fitness & Weightloss Apps

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

As well as attending classes at Project 6 Pack and following their diet & nutrition advice, I also use apps on my iPhone to help me track my weight loss and fitness progress. I keep a food diary for class which I show to my PT, Laura, once a week so we can manage any difficulties or find where to make improvements, and so she can be sure that I am eating enough of everything I need to sustain myself during training.

In addition to my written food diary I also use myfitnesspal where I am able to scan the barcodes of all my meal ingredients & snacks and to store recipes to allow me to track calories too. I am still actively trying to lose weight (although I am now not far from my original target) so while I am continuing to eat well I currently still need to monitor how much I am eating because after all, a calorie is still a calorie.

I find that using myfitnesspal is helping maintain a good balance of what I'm consuming vs how active I am, to ensure I am not over or under eating. If you'd like to add me, my username is jooleroo.

Mapmywalk is another handy app as it doesn't just measure walking, but also running, stairs, treadmill etc as long as you're carrying or wearing your phone. It tracks routes, measures distance and suggests challenges and local routes for jogs or walks, you can create playlists from your phone to work out to, and it can also be sync'd with myfitnesspal and with an external activity tracker such as a fitbit.

I have a fitbit zip that I use in conjunction with their iPhone app, it is the most basic of their activity tracking devices but I find that it is perfect for my needs, just to use as a step counter so I can monitor my daily activity.

It's a small device that just clips on to my bra strap and I sync it with the app a couple of times a day. It also works with myfitnesspal to track calories, water intake and active minutes in addition to steps.

You can add friends, take part in challenges, or like I do - just use it to monitor your own progress.

If like me you are keen to give running a try, then I highly recommend the C25k app. Running is something that is very new to me (as in - I avoided it unless I was being chased by zombies, so...) and not something I had considered doing before, C25k helps you to pace yourself and literally takes you step by step from the couch to being able to run 5k.

I'm not 'there' yet but it has been invaluable in coaching me along in preparation for my first Race For Life in a couple of weeks' time. I may not be able to run the whole course, but I will give it a good go.

In the last 5 months I have turned my life around in terms of health and fitness, and as of this week I have dropped 21kg and 4 dress sizes since January. I feel like a different person & seeing the results motivates me to keep going. Once I have reached my desired weight/size I'm keen to continue to improve my strength & muscle tone, so the next challenge will be to learn to balance eating well & training without losing more weight!

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  1. These apps are really good! A great way to stay motivated! Good luck in the Race for Life! :)

  2. I will have watched on IG as you went and it's been amazing as you went! :) You have been totally committed. You have inspired me actually as I started going back to the gym!

    1. Ah thank you, that's amazing! That really means a lot!

  3. I love Myfitness Pal and really want to get a FitBit! Great apps here and thank you for sharing #WellbeingWednesday xx

    1. They are brilliant, they have helped me so much! Thank you x

  4. I use MyFitnessPal too and have found it hugely useful. It makes a difference to the choices I make throughout the day. I have an Apple Watch Sport to track my activity and again it has made a huge difference.

    I remember being in the same mindset as you about 2 years ago. I was almost at my target and was so motivated. These days I'm above my target and don't feel terrible. Saying that though I do want to lose the extra pounds.

    Good luck hun. xx

  5. Some great app inspiration! I was addicted to MFP when I started out on my weight loss journey but seemed to stumble somewhat. I definitely do need to keep a track of everything I eat when I start eating again so that I do not lull again. Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday lovely, your journey on P6P has been awesome to read! Sim xx

    1. Ah thank you so much, it has been amazing - life transforming! x


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