Mama OWL Blog: The Race for Life Bath 5K

The Race for Life Bath 5K

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Anyone that knows me well knows what I think about running. As in, I don't do it unless I am being chased by zombies. However since joining Project 6 Pack and losing the weight & improving my fitness I have found that actually I quite enjoy it and so at the weekend I took part in my very first 5k with some of my friends from P6P - the Race for Life 5k in Bath to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I say this like I joined willingly, I did have to be coerced into it by the girls but now I am so glad that I did.

Sunday morning I got up and got myself ready, having a good breakfast and a bottle of water along with my coffee to set me up for the event. Kim picked up Ellie & Poppy and then me on our way into Bath, and we then met up with Kirsty and Carla at The Royal Victoria Park where the event was taking place. The 10k started at 9am and was well underway by the time we arrived around 9:30. The 5k wasn't due to start until 11am so we had a mill around and got our bearings, enjoying the pre-event 'warm up' and having our faces painted by a couple of ladies from Heart FM who were dotted around the park cheering everyone on (literally - with pompoms). We pinned on our race numbers and signs for who we were running for and got ready to get going.

 It was a wonderful atmosphere and as we were following the course I was reading the signs and messages on everyone's backs, and feeling very proud to be taking part in such a special event and helping raise money to fight a terrible disease that sadly touches so many people. I did it for Max, the gorgeous son of my very best friend in the world, who started his battle with AML Leukaemia when he was just a few months old and underwent intensive treatment and then a bone marrow transplant on Christmas Eve 2013 - he will be two years old next month and I am in complete awe of him. He is the toughest little chap I know and I am blown away by his strength and resilience (and that of his amazing mum & dad) and watching him grow up into this fantastic ball of energy is wonderful. He is incredible. The work that charities like CRUK do is vital and these fundraising events are so important and make such a massive difference to the lives of so many. If you can't take part or donate money, please do consider joining the Bone Marrow Registry - you could, literally, save someone's life.

Someone like Max.

I jogged and walked the 5k to the best of my ability finishing in around 40 minutes (the timer from the 10k was still running so I don't have an accurate time) and I absolutely loved every minute of it, I will be signing up again next year - maybe even for the 10k. I am so proud of myself, of my friends, and of every single person who ran, jogged, and walked alongside me and in races up and down the country. There is still time to sponsor me for the event, you can do so at

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored and supported me. It means a lot.

Photo property of C. Burrows

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  1. Well done! You should be so proud of yourself, that's quite an achievement for a non-runner. You write passionately and I'm so pleased for you. Well done. xxx

  2. Very well done to you! I did the Race for Life a couple of years ago - 10k in 27 degrees and 61 minutes. It was one of the worst things I've ever done! The heat was horrific. You had me welling up there reading about Max. What a terrible thing for a family to go through.

    1. Thank you Sarah! Wow that sounds awful, luckily we had perfect weather for it - warm and sunny with a light breeze! He is an inspiration, such an amazing little boy.

  3. Well done chick and that is an awesome time! Another 2 weeks and 5 days till I take part in Race For Life - slightly nervous now but really looking forward to it after reading your post! Thank you so much for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday - you are looking FAB lady!! :) Sim xx

  4. Well done Julie! These events are so popular now - my FB feed is full of the Pretty Muddy Race for Life event (which I'm quite tempted by - I do like a bit of mud!!!). It's great to see how fundraising for diseases like cancer can be tackled head on. #BloggingToJogging


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