Mama OWL Blog: Feeding the Family for under £4 | #DomuChallenge

Feeding the Family for under £4 | #DomuChallenge

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Regular readers will know that we meal plan weekly to help us keep to our household budget and reduce food waste, so I was more than happy to give the #DomuChallenge a go when they asked me to come up with a family meal for under £4.

Domu UK sent us the VonShef Turbo Air Fryer, currently priced at £69.99 (RRP £99.99) to aid our mission and so I added a family favourite - Spaghetti Bolognese - to our meal plan this week. So easy, and very inexpensive even for a family of seven.

The benefits of using an air fryer are immeasurable - the food is evenly and thoroughly cooked, and the need for oil is greatly reduced (a teaspoon is often more than enough) or removed entirely for healthy, low calorie dishes without sacrificing flavour and is versatile enough to be used to grill, roast, fry and even bake all of your favourite meals in its easy-clean 10 litre capacity bowl. The Air Fryer is also energy efficient and often reduces the cooking time meaning healthier meals faster, and comes pre-programmed with 7 modes in addition to manual settings with adjustable temperatures & timer.


Minced Beef 750g - £2.98
2 tins of Chopped Tomatoes 400g - 62p
Onion - 16p, chopped
Store-brand Spaghetti - 20p

Pinch of Herbs, squeeze of Tomato purée, crushed Clove of Garlic - from my store cupboard


  • Put the minced beef to the baking cage and cook for approx 10 minutes.
  • Open the cage (carefully!) and add the onion and garlic.
  • Close the cage and continue to cook for another 10-15 minutes.
  • While the beef is cooking, add the chopped tomatoes, tomato purée and herbs to a saucepan and heat through. Place the spaghetti in a separate pan of boiling water and cook as per packet instructions.
  • Add the beef, onions and to the pan of sauce and stir well, leaving to simmer for around 5 minutes.

So simple, and this meal comes to a grand total of £3.96. No need for oil and no jars of ready made sauces full of preservatives, salt & sugar - just a healthy home-made meal. You could even substitute the spaghetti for courgette, either thinly sliced or 'spiralised' and lightly sautéed to serve with the bolognese instead to make it healthier still.

The Air Fryer is so easy to use, and just as importantly, easy to clean. After use I simply drained off and disposed of the fat from the mince (I couldn't believe the amount that came out!) before washing the bowl and baking cage with dish soap and warm water. It comes with a skewer to be used with either the baking cage or the meat forks, as well as tongs to lift the cage from the bowl & a rack to use for baking. Though very quiet during operation, it's worth noting that the Air Fryer is quite large but with its versatility I dare say it will receive constant (even daily) use and earn it's place on the worktop.

There's still time to join in with the #DomuChallenge - can you put your own stamp on a classic dish? Get your Chef's hat on & share your culinary creations with @domu_UK on Twitter with the hashtag & you could win a prize, closes Friday 31.07.15.

We received a complimentary VonShef Turbo Air Fryer for the purpose of participation in the Domu Challenge and for review. The views shared are my own personal & honest opinions and written in my own words.


  1. This sounds like a great contraption to have x

    1. It's fantastic, so great to be able to make family meals healthier in such a simple way!

  2. Wow! Impressed that you could feed a family of 7 for just £4! Bolognese is my absolute favourite, but I do Quorn for eldest and me as we are veggies.

    1. I do like Quorn, I would use it myself but my fussy husband is not a fan! Bolognese is a great all rounder I think :)


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