Mama OWL Blog: Meal Plan Monday 060715

Meal Plan Monday 060715

Monday, 6 July 2015

Meal Plan 060715
Monday 6th July
Home-made Pasta Bolognese (with 'courgetti for me)
Tuesday 7th July
Wednesday 8th July Toad in the hole (GF sausages with mixed veg for me)
Thursday 9th July
Pizza & Chips for the kids as a treat since Thursdays are so busy for us with cricket & gymnastics clubs, with a Loaded Veggie Omelette for me
Friday 10th
Chicken Fajitas (with brown rice, no wraps for me)
Saturday 11th July
Carbonara for the Mr & kids, Veggie & Bacon stir fry for me
Sunday 12th July
Roast Beef

#MealPlanningMonday linked up with At Home with Mrs M.
{*Brinner = breakfast for dinner}


  1. Yum! Everything sounds so good and very healthy for you x

    1. Thank you, a pretty easy week just to get back in to the swing of routine! x

  2. I assume Brinner is more of a bacon, eggs, sausage, beans kind of breakfast, rather than a bowl of Cornflakes? Somehow giving it a name makes me think "yep, I'll do that next week". #mealplanningmondays

    1. Yes indeed! My kids love it, it's my youngest son's favourite meal haha

  3. Commenting on all these lovely meal plans is making me hungry! :-)
    We love fajitas in our house - its a real family sit down meal (or was before I started Slimming World!) #MealPlanningMondays

    1. You can still enjoy fajitas! Just use lettuce leaves instead of wraps or have a portion of brown rice with it - still a great family meal! x

  4. This looks like a really nice selection of food for the week. I particularly like the sound of the fajitas and the homemade bolognese

    1. They're two family favourites, fajitas always go down well in our house. Thank you

  5. Great plan and very healthy options for you! I'm not a fan of brown rice though to be honest. Love toad in the hole and carbonara - your family are in for a treat :) x

    1. Oh I love it, I'd have it with everything if I could haha. Thank you, a nice easy week to get back into routine.


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