Mama OWL Blog: {Summer Bucket List} Make Lollies | #ShepSummer

{Summer Bucket List} Make Lollies | #ShepSummer

Friday, 31 July 2015

One of the things on our Summer Bucket List this year is to make our own lollies, which we have done before (these tasty fruity fro-yo lollies went down a treat) but the lovely people at Domu challenged us to make something using an ingredient we had never used before. They sent us the VonShef 150W Masticating Slow Juicer (£59.99, RRP £150) to help us complete the challenge, and the kids and I set about thinking up something fun to make using something new.

Eventually we decided as part of our bucket list adventures to use the juicer to make some healthy, home-made lollies using only fresh fruit and more specifically - pears! We haven't used pears in cooking before, as we normally stick to traditional apple (crumble, pie, turnovers - that sort of thing) but since even L is a fan of pears we thought that this would be the ideal opportunity to try something new and to make our own treats for these lazy Summer days.

Using our ice lolly mould and the Juicer the children and I chose pears, oranges and apples to use to make our ice lollies. The kids cut up the fruit into smaller pieces to allow them to be put through the juicer easily (the instructions recommend approx 4-5 inches long and 1 inch wide) and we set it all up ready to go. It was already assembled when it arrived but the instruction booklet offers detailed steps with diagrams should you need to disassemble for cleaning, although simply pouring water through between juicings flushes it sufficiently.

We cut up two pears, two oranges and one apple and this produced enough juice to make three lollies (one each for L, H & E) which we then placed in the freezer, ready for the children to enjoy tomorrow when we have heard a rumour that the sun might be coming out to play! The juicer even separates off the pulp and the juice, meaning that it's ready to drink straight away - although if you prefer a smooth juice you may like to strain it again before drinking. The consistency is perfect for lollies and the kids are very excited to try them, and are busy thinking up new combinations to try after.

The multi-purpose juicer extracts rather than grinds to retain all the nutrients and enzymes for a healthier juice, and it couldn't be easier to use - you can even use it to extract a variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and leafy veg like spinach and kale to make healthy breakfast juices to take with you on the go.

Did you take part in the #DomuChallenge? People got creative in the kitchen and shared their culinary delights with @domu_UK on Twitter using the challenge hashtag to win a fantastic prize to celebrate the launch of Domu's exciting new website. Follow Domu on Facebook and twitter for all of the latest news, updates and offers.

We received a complimentary juicer for review purposes and challenge participation. All opinions are our own.


  1. What a brilliant idea. Ice lollies are big favourites in our house but I'm always a bit paranoid about the whole teeth thing. These look really healthy!

    1. They are fab, the kids loved them and I like that I can put whatever I like in and make them healthy treats!


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