Thursday, 20 August 2015

{Summer Bucket List} Celebrate Birthdays - L turns 12 | #ShepSummer

I don't think there has been anyone more excited about a birthday than L. He has been been reminding me hourly for weeks, because you know it's not like I was there that day or anything... As one of the youngest in his year he has been waiting impatiently to turn 12 as he watched all of his friends celebrate their birthdays in turn throughout the school year, and yesterday his day arrived. I knew he was going to be up early, and having anticipated this I hid his birthday presents around the house & gave him clues with which to locate them which kept him busy for an extra 5 minutes. At 6am he was up, and he woke H too which he was particularly thrilled about, & off he went to search.

He opened up his cards (his favourite was the pug factory one from his brothers and sisters) and loved all of his new things. He had a string of visitors throughout the day who came to bring him cards and gifts and then in the afternoon he went with his Aunt & cousins to go and watch new Adam Sandler movie Pixels, which was their present to him. He chose KFC as his birthday meal which they had at lunchtime as A had to work in the evening, and we celebrated with an Alien/Monster Eyeball cake, vanilla sponge with marbled 'alien skin' & filled with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. We absolutely were not allowed to sing happy birthday to him. So of course, we did. We'll be taking him on a day out in lieu of a party but this means waiting for a day that the Mister isn't working at the moment, right now L is more than happy keeping himself occupied with his new games. Happy Birthday to our brilliant, hilarious, wonderful L.


  1. Happy Birthday L! How is it, that our babies are 12?! H is 12 in October, I remember when were pregnant with H & L! Madness. Time flies.
    L's cake looks amazing. Enjoy your day out, can't wait to hear about it :) xx

    1. Thank you, I don't know where the years have gone


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