Mama OWL Blog: {Summer Bucket List} Make The Most Of It | #ShepSummer

{Summer Bucket List} Make The Most Of It | #ShepSummer

Friday, 14 August 2015


We have reached the halfway point of the Summer holidays - the weeks seem to be speeding past at an alarming rate and I am desperately clinging on to each day in a bid to make them last that little bit longer. This Summer has the possibility of being our last with our eldest child at home before she heads off into the big wide world of independence and university student life next year, and so spending time together as a family, making memories, and just enjoying each others company is so important to us right now. She will be off before we know it, and our lives will change forever.

This Summer has so far been full of future planning, and looking ahead. We are all very much looking forward to our family holiday in October because it could potentially be our last for a while as A plans to spend some time travelling between her studies at university. She's been working hard and saving to make her dreams a reality, and so all of us going away together as our family of seven will be less likely. She will be eighteen next year, an adult, she wants to see the world on her own terms and find her own path.

In June/July the Mister and I took our youngest three children away to Corsica, and gave A her first taste of independence. Leaving her at home (with our twenty-year-old niece, while J stayed with grandparents) we trusted A to take care of the dogs and house, feed and clean up after herself, and get herself to school and back every day as well as be on time for work. Let me just say - I think that leaving home and living in halls next year will be a rather steep learning curve. I'm just pleased she didn't burn the house down...

A is E's only sister, and this next year will potentially be their last one living together. I want them to spend as much time together as possible, to strengthen their bond and so that E remembers as much of having her sister at home as she can. With E being as young as she is, I do worry that these memories will fade. I'll always remember our Summers in the garden, with them all racing around flinging water at each other and sitting on blankets enjoying a picnic together, or hazy days at the beach burying their Dad in sand and holding each others hands to jump over the waves. These beautiful moments are imprinted on my soul & I hope that they will remember them always, too.

This October we will watch sunsets over the sea, we will laugh and play and swim, we will sit and enjoy delicious meals together, we will have fun. I will remember our last holiday with our children (while they all still are children!) as fondly as I remember our very first holiday as a family of seven. Laughter on the sand, frolicking in the sea, the warm end of Summer sun on our faces, and our hearts and spirits happy and content.

These moments are fleeting. Make the most of them.


  1. Time goes by way too quickly and our children grow up way too soon. You have though made so many beautiful memories for you and your gorgeous family. Cherish the rest of the summer with them x

    1. It really does, it's like I blink and a year passes. Thank you lovely x


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