Friday, 4 September 2015

Girls Bedroom Restyle & Makeover


With A preparing to fly the nest and head off to university next year, the Mister and I have been considering giving the girls' shared bedroom a restyle and makeover. Something that is not too grown up for E but not too babyish for A, that will suit both of their needs and provide them with their own space. A might be leaving, but she will still need her own bed and a place for her things when she comes home for visits because it will of course still be her home whether she is physically living here or not.

A & I have been working on a Pinterest board with some design ideas and accessories that she likes. Storage is very important because the girls have more little bits and bobs than I know what to do with - things like hair bands and clips, lip balms and make up brushes which means that accessories like pretty jars are practical as well as stylish.

The wooden crate storage boxes would be ideal for storing A's things as of course she can't take all of her belongings to uni but will still need them kept for her, and they are perfect to use as toy boxes for all of E's favourite things, too (though I'm going to have to go through all of her toys as she has too much and doesn't play with half of it any more).

Follow Mama Owl's board Girls' Bedroom Restyle & Makeover on Pinterest.

The girls currently share a bunk bed but I really like the 'shaker style' look of the Jessica Daybed from the great selection of beds at Room to Grow, instead of splitting the bunk and having a bed either side of the room it would mean that we could free up vital space but still have a roll-out bed available for A when she came home.

The beautiful stone-white finish would complement the accessories that A has chosen and really complete the look of the room, as I'd prefer to keep the colours quite muted and neutral to enable E to grow with the room. We can always update accessories such as cushions & throws to inject colour and spruce the room up without necessarily needing to redecorate/repaint  - one less job for the Mister, and it would save money too.
I can't wait to get on with the bedroom restyle, I want to give the girls a really beautiful and practical shared space, to enjoy this potentially last year of sharing a room together.

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