Mama OWL Blog: Barbie Best Buys by E

Barbie Best Buys by E

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Like a lot of kids her age, E is all about the Barbie dolls. We have three large storage tubs full of just about every doll you can think of as well as the mountains of accessories and extras that you can get to go with them. E also inherited all of A's old dolls when she outgrew them so we do have a larger than the average collection but frankly where E is concerned, you can never have enough Barbie dolls. Or doll clothes. Not that any of them are actually wearing any...

For those newly venturing into the world of Barbie doll ownership, you can be overwhelmed with the vast selection of houses, pets and accessories to go with the dolls. A basic collection of 'this and that' is a good start, if you're planning on buying some for your son or daughter this Christmas (or need ideas to suggest to family) then E and I came up with a list of all things Barbie to get you started. This is what E had to say...

"Barbie needs a House! Or where would she even live?!"

Because of course every girl needs her own Malibu beach house to party in. The play set comes with lots of accessories and opens out to a large space but folds up to a neat square with room in the top to pop the accessories in when they are done playing. We bought E her Malibu beach house for Christmas last year and she has played with daily ever since - we think it's a must-have for any Barbie enthusiast.

"Barbie has to have a car to drive around in because she can't take the bus"

Barbie has an action packed social calendar (though it makes me sad that my daughter's Barbie has a better social life than me) and what better way to travel than in her own Glam Convertible! House of Fraser kindly sent E her very own hot pink convertible from their selection of Barbie toys, the funky design features metallic wheels, seat belts (safety first!) and a moving steering wheel as well as a signature pink print interior and a Barbie logo licence plate.

E had been eager to have her very own Barbie car for quite some time and is delighted with the convertible, the sturdy plastic design feels very robust and she has had hours of fun with her newest accessory, which is now parked pride of place next to Barbie's beach house. In my living room... Barbie's Glam Convertible is priced at £25 at House of Fraser and would be a great addition to any child's doll collection.

"She needs somewhere to go. Like shopping, or to work. Or sixth form - like sissy!"

I'm sure Barbie would love to visit a café after a day of shopping with friends, or perhaps have her very own stable for her horses - she could even drive there in her Glam Convertible Car! E has a small fold-up stable set to go with her horse toys and loves taking her dolls 'out' on adventures as well as re-enacting scenes from her favourite Barbie movies which is so sweet to watch and really stimulates her imagination.

"She needs clothes! She can't go out with nothing on!"

Now, as I said, the dolls don't tend to spend much time actually wearing any of their often extensive wardrobes but it's nice to have a good selection of outfits for kids to dress their dolls up in as well as it being very useful fine motor skills practice.
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E received a complimentary Barbie Glam Convertible for review purposes. All views and opinions are our own.


  1. My daughter has a similar barbie car like this. #TriedTested

  2. Fab list, M is slowly building a collection of Barbies, we got her the Malibu house last christmas and a couple of barbies, more to come this year I think,. x

  3. My daughter has just started to take an interest in Barbie - I can imagine these will be on the Christmas list! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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