Mama OWL Blog: We Love #TacoTuesday

We Love #TacoTuesday

Friday, 16 October 2015

Tuesday night in our house is nothing short of chaotic. Two kids have after school club, which we then rush home from before H has swimming, L has Tae Kwon-Do and I have my fitness class to attend - this means on Tuesdays, dinner needs to be quick and easy.

We are huge fans of Mexican style food and Fajita Friday has been a firm family favourite for many years, we always have Fajitas for dinner on Christmas Eve and the kids love to get stuck in and help prepare the meal by cutting up vegetables and grating cheese. It's great fun to all do together and easy for them to have a part in (which often makes them more likely to eat it, I have found). Old El Paso have now added the brilliant Stand N Stuff Tortillas to their extensive range in a handy dinner kit which means that as well as Fajita Friday, Taco Tuesday is now A THING and it's even quicker and easier.

Minced beef is inexpensive (I buy a 750g pack of lean minced beef for £2.98 from our local supermarket) and can form the base of many simple family meals, with the Stand N Stuff kit there is even a tasty BBQ seasoning included in the pack. If you're short on time for cooking, you can brown off the mince in the pan before adding it to your slow cooker with the seasoning and a cup of water and leaving on low while you get other things done throughout the day, and it will be piping hot and ready to serve up in the evening. Otherwise it's as simple as browning the mince on the hob, adding the seasoning and water and simmering for 20 minutes before serving. Depending on your family's tastes, why not add mixed peppers, sweetcorn, or red onion to the mince? Get the kids involved and have them help chop up the veg or grate some cheese into a bowl.

The children love Tacos but find the crunchy shell version difficult to eat, they loved the soft flour shells and found them much easier to manage with no crazy fork-holding tricks necessary, and they took on the job of popping them in the microwave (one of the perks of having older kids who are big enough to use kitchen appliances) to warm up while I prepared the minced beef filling. On extra busy days - and with five kids I can tell you that there are no shortage of those - I can even leave it in the slow cooker for the teenagers to dish up themselves if I am out running the younger ones around between activities, so that they don't have to wait for their dinner. The kit costs just £3.79, and extra tortillas are £1.89 so the basics for this meal cost less than £10 & easily serves six.

Add in some of your five-a-day with tomatoes, onions (red are my favourite), mixed bell peppers, and sweetcorn, and you can even make your own guacamole by mashing up avocado with diced tomato, garlic & onion and lime juice - simply chill in the fridge for half an hour before serving or make ahead & chill ready to enjoy with the evening meal.

To see the full range from Old El Paso and for news, recipes and product information visit their website or follow them on Twitter at @oldelpaso.

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  1. My teens adore those little tortilla boats (we call them boats). I have made them with just cut up chicken and cheese and melted them and they went nuts!

    1. Ooh that sounds lovely, I do love some cheesy chicken! I bet it would be great with some guac and sour cream too!

  2. We've been trying these out too. Like you, we're always rushing around, so I was wondering if I could prepare the meat and leave the kids to help themselves at whatever time they're ready to eat. Your slow cooker idea sounds really good. My kids aren't so keen on the hard tacos either, we found these brilliant :)

    1. I love the slow cooker, makes my life so much easier and with the older ones you can let it do its thing and they can feed themselves where necessary - perfect solution to people like you and me with 'busy kids'!


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