Saturday, 28 November 2015

BBQ Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker

Autumn is creeping into Winter which brings with it the long dark nights and a chill in the air. It's the perfect time of year to use those slow cooker recipes that get neglected through the Summer for hearty evening meals to warm you up after a day out in the cold (and that importantly, can be left to cook through the day while you get on with other things). I recently gave Barbecue Pulled Pork a go, which I served in brioche rolls with caramelised red onions - fuss-free and a real winter warmer. Enjoy it on a crispy oven baked potato or in a bun with chunky potato or sweet potato wedges on the side.


1kg Pork Joint
500ml bottle of Coca-Cola (regular)
300ml BBQ sauce (I used a Jack Daniels glaze)
Brioche rolls / Baking Potatoes

  • Place the pork joint in your slow cooker and pour the Coca-Cola over the top.
  • Select 'low' and leave to cook for at least five hours.
  • When it is cooked, remove from the slow cooker on to a plate and use two forks to 'pull' the meat into shreds.
  • Put the shredded pork back in to the slow cooker and add the barbecue sauce, and cook for a further hour on a high setting.
  • Serve in brioche rolls with caramelised onions, or a garnish of your choice - or on top of an oven baked potato (with lots of cheese and sour cream!)

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  1. I will definitely be trying this. Looks amazing Julie! X

    1. It is SO good and so easy to make, a perfect Winter warmer - comfort food at it's best! x

  2. Pork is by far my favourite thing to cook in the slow cooker. A perfect warming dish for these grim winter evenings. I need to go shopping so I can make this asap!

  3. My husband loves pulled pork and has recently started using the slow cooker I gave him last Christmas, so will certainly be saving this recipe...thank you :)#TheList

    Helen x

  4. Arent slow cookers brilliant! Haha.
    This recipe looks yum! I will be trying this. So simple too!
    Sarah x

  5. This looks yummy. Been meaning to do something like this with my slow cooker for a while, might give it a try soon

  6. I love making pulled pork in our slow cooker - such a yummy meal and it freezes so wellx #thelist

  7. We all love pulled pork! Thanks for sharing this recipe :) #TheList

  8. OMG that looks amazing! Thanks for linking up with #TheList huni xx


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