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Building Confidence - #ShepsGoToLaki | #LoudnProud

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Before we left for Kos I will admit to giving my teenagers a lecture. "Please join in!" I said to A (17) & J (14). "Please don't just sullenly mooch around by the pool or on the beach, join in with the activities and go to the Indy club. Please.". I didn't want them to waste an amazing opportunity to meet new people and learn some new things because, well because they're teenagers and those of us who have one or two of these creatures dwelling in our houses will completely understand my concerns.

After much eye rolling and sighing and a few grunts (I assume incoherent words of agreement) after we arrived at Lakitira, the two of them skulked off to Indy Club with a few backward glances at us that indicated they were doing so under duress but would at least give it a go, and for this we were very grateful - a small victory for us parents.

I needn't have worried. After an initial awkward first meeting and 'ice breaking' session, a few of the ten Indy Club aged kids on resort last week - including both of my teenagers - bonded and had a great week of watersports, late breakfasts, even later nights, and general mischief on the waterfront. By the end of the week they had both sailed every type of boat available (though I do use the term 'sailed' loosely as there was plenty of capsizing, falling in, and one or two incidents involving the boom and not ducking quickly enough...) and had also tried kayaking, windsurfing and SUP boarding along with their new friends, with varying degrees of success but lots of fun trying.

J in particular can be rather difficult to encourage out of his shell quite a lot of the time, but during our week away he really threw himself in to the activities and made a huge effort to give everything a go and I am really proud of him for doing so. I loved watching him out on the water and trying new things, it was a real pleasure to see him and A enjoying all of the watersports as much as their younger siblings did in Corsica.

The Mark Warner staff on the waterfront and the young lady, Char, who was in charge of Indy Club last week were outstanding and helped both J and A with anything and everything that they wanted to try. Instead of spending the week with their faces in their phones (though - A left hers in Greece after losing it on our last night there) using the free hotel wi-fi, the staff had them out on the water, joining in with lots of games and activities and games, and having actual real life fun with people instead of avatars and electronic devices. Taking them on an activity holiday like this was an absolute delight, and they both took away so much from it - they are both full of plans and ideas about taking RYA courses and wanting to work for Mark Warner in the future.

Learning all of these new skills and taking the time to get to know new people has been an enormous confidence boost for J and I am so happy that he has enjoyed it and wants to gain qualifications - we definitely plan to encourage their sailing aspirations further.

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Mama Owl

Mark Warner Holidays provided flights and half board accommodation for five people as part of the #MarkWarnerMum Ambassadorship. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. This is amazing! It's brilliant that they threw themselves into everything and made lots of friends. No wonder you're Loud 'n' Proud :)
    (I would have given my teen the exact same lecture before we went on holiday too!)

    1. You have to don't you, I hoped that they would join in without me having to nag but I had to make sure! We had such a great time and they really threw themselves in to it, it was lovely.

  2. What a lovely break. I am super jealous! But also happy for you that your teens joined in. I can see how wonderful that must be - so important to keep up the family bonds, even when they get that bit older. #sundaystars

  3. That's really great. I was always very reluctant to join in as a child and teenager (I wasn't sullen, just very shy), & think it's nice sometimes to get a bit of a push & then actually enjoy it. #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. Well you all, it sounds like a fantastic break and the pictures are lovely. Nice way to keep bonding as they get older. Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  5. I think it was right to have a talk to them. I went away with my mum when I was 17 and sulked the whole time. But then I didn't have a club like that to go too. What an amazing holiday for them, I really do hope they take their new found love further x

  6. Oh you must be so proud of your two teens getting stuck in and having a fabulous time as a result. I was a very shy teenager so I don't think I would have been so accommodating if my mother had given me a similar talking to. It is so great that they now want to carry on sailing and wish to work for Mark Warner. It sounds (and looks) like an absolutely amazing holiday. Thanks for linking up to #SundaysStars. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to comment. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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