Mama OWL Blog: Sew Great! E is a Lalaloopsy Ambassador! | Lalaloopsy Tinies™ Jewellery Maker Review

Sew Great! E is a Lalaloopsy Ambassador! | Lalaloopsy Tinies™ Jewellery Maker Review

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


If you have a young daughter then I am sure you will be well aware of the Sew Magical! world of Lalaloopsy. E is delighted to have been selected as an ambassador as she is a huge fan of the dolls (just about every item from their collections is on her Christmas list this year) and has been testing out the brand new Lalaloopsy Tinies™ Jewellery Maker.

The playset comprises a sew cute! miniature ferris wheel, which is perfect for all of the Lalaloopsy Tinies to ride on and allows your child to make their own necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair clips and more. Just choose a coloured string and fill each teacup on the wheel with coloured beads and as they turn the wheel, the beads will drop into the bottom of the Maker - with the press of a button, the beads will string themselves together! Your child can then add their favourite Tinies to the piece of the jewellery for the ultimate personalised finish. The Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewellery Maker also comes with three Tinies – including an exclusive gold Tinie to add to your collection. The Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewellery Maker is recommended for children aged 4 years + and retails at RRP £29.99 - check the website for details on where to buy Lalaloopsy products.

Lalaloopsy Tinies, new for Autumn 2015 and featuring all of your child's favourite characters in miniature, are highly collectible and available to buy in packs of three (with an RRP of around £2.99) and ten (RRP around £7.99). E received a pack of ten from Series 4 to accompany her Lalaloopsy Tinies Jewellery Maker playset and has enjoyed creating lots of beautiful pieces of jewellery to share with all of her friends at school.

So this all sounds simple and straightforward, but does it really work like this in reality? Is it as easy as it sounds? Firstly - the playset requires 3 AA batteries to work the threading mechanism, so if you are buying this as a Christmas gift DO NOT FORGET THE BATTERIES. First rule of parenting at Christmas, buy batteries in every shape & size and have them on standby. And a Phillips head screwdriver. And scissors. You get the idea.

E is very creative and loves to make things for people. She will sit for hours if she really engages with a toy or product, so combining two of her favourite things (Lalaloopsy dolls, and crafts) was sure to be a winner. The beads can 'catch' on the threading mechanism now and again as they move through so you may need to just give it a little push away from the edge, and as you'd expect with plastic beads rattling around it isn't the quietest of toys but over the last 17 years of parenting I can tell you now that it's not that annoying in comparison to other toys my kids have had - and it has an on/off button.

Other than that? Yes, it works as described, it's easy to set up and for your child to play with independently (I don't know about yours but mine never wants help, since she's a grown up girl & all...) and will provide plenty of creative fun. E absolutely loves it. I would say a must-buy for any Lalaloopsy fan who loves to indulge their creative talents.

I've put together a short clip on Instagram (which you can find below) demonstrating the basics. It really is as simple as that. Great crafty fun, & an ideal Christmas gift idea.

A video posted by jooleroo (@jooleroo) on

E received complimentary Lalaloopsy products for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. This is on Ellie's Christmas list!! Glad I read this review, you reminded me about batteries. :) xx

    1. E loves it, it has definitely been a big hit. Yes - absolutely do not forget the batteries!

  2. This is on my daughters Christmas list too - she loves Lalaloopsy and jewellery so would be a winner! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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