Monday, 28 December 2015

Meal Plan Monday 281215

It's the final meal plan of 2015, and I refuse to do a full grocery shop this week because we have so much food left in the house, so - this week's menu is devised from whatever we have in the cupboards, fridges and freezer and using leftover meats from Christmas. I need to buy bread and milk etc but other than that, it's leftover week in our house.

Meal Plan 281215
Monday 28th
The Body Coach's #LeanIn15 Korma using leftover turkey from Christmas Day, served with rice
Tuesday 29th
Bacon wrapped chicken, stuffed with cheese and served with chips and salad
Wednesday 30th December (Leftover) Turkey Madras with rice - and that's the last of the turkey!
Thursday 31st
We're having a takeaway tonight since it's NYE and I don't want to have to cook, followed by ice cream & profiteroles
Friday 1st
January 2016
Mashed potatoes, salad, quiche, sausage rolls etc
Saturday 2nd
Chicken Carbonara
Sunday 3rd
Roast Pork

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