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Toys to Last a Lifetime | #GeorgeToyStories

Friday, 11 December 2015


When I was little, My Little Pony was all the rage. I had hundreds of them, every single pony that came out I wanted (and I usually got it, to be honest). The powder pink castle with its blue turrets, the nursery with giant pastel lettering on the side and bottles as big as the baby ponies, Apple Jack and all of her friends were a huge part of my childhood and I'm delighted that they are still around today for my girls to enjoy, although admittedly 17-year-old A grew out of them some time ago, E still loves them.

I remember at Christmastime my Grampy Charlie always used to fall asleep in the armchair after dinner, and my three older sisters and I would dress him up and take photos after we'd "decorated" him. The year I got the My Little Pony castle we used one of the turrets as a hat. We have so many photos of a soundly sleeping Gramps adorned with all sorts of toys, such fun memories to look back on and remember him now he is sadly no longer with us.

The Mister was a big fan of vehicles, football and Lego when he was a young lad (not to feed too much into gender stereotypes of course, just stating facts - kids like what they like!) and my three boys are no different. H in particular has built up quite a collection of Lego which is stored in boxes under his bed and he enjoys building and creating with it. He loves the Lego City range and we have several pieces including his favourite, the police station, so he was thrilled when ASDA sent him the Lego City Demolition Site to add to his collection for #GeorgeToyStories, about family heirlooms and favourite childhood toys. H is 10 now so he is able to sit and build the sets independently, it took him a few hours and lots of concentration but he successfully built all of the Lego vehicles by himself and was delighted with the results of his hard work.

My favourite thing about Lego is that it is virtually indestructible (if you don't believe me, try standing on a piece...) and will last for years. My in-laws have a box of toys stored underneath their stairs that they keep for the Grandkids that still contains Lego from my husband's childhood, and he and his two brothers are all in their 30s now. It's a toy that is built to last and its appeal extends across all ages, genders, and generations.

Do you have a favourite toy that you have kept from your childhood? Has it stood the test of time, and is it something that you have shared with your own children? I plan on keeping my children's favourite toys stored away safely ready for them to share with their own kids and love that it will still include My Little Pony and Lego, classic toys that will truly last a lifetime and provide memories to keep forever.

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