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Traditional Festive Fare

Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I'm not going to lie - festive fare is one of my favourite things about Christmas. While this year I won't be going mad and stuffing my face I am going to loosen up a bit and enjoy all of the delicious food that will be tempting me over the next couple of weeks.

Over the years we have created and now follow our own family traditions for Christmas meals and what we will be having over the festive period. On Christmas Eve it is J's job to help me lay on a Mexican style buffet for all of us to share, including quesadillas, loaded nachos with lots of dips followed by chicken fajitas. Afterwards we decorate our gingerbread house together (it's just not Christmas without some home-made gingerbread) and the kids have their hot chocolate piled high with marshmallows and squirty cream while we watch Christmas movies before they head off to bed excited for what the morning will bring (and also bouncing off the walls from the sugar high).

My husband is in charge of Christmas dinner as roasts are his domain. I cook all week and he cooks on Sundays, as the deal goes in our house. Besides which, he is just better at it than me. I potter about in the kitchen around him, making side dishes and getting in the way helping him out - I like to take charge of the Brussels sprouts, caramelising them in butter, brown sugar and bacon (seriously, amazing - even my kids eat them).

We always have Roast Turkey on Christmas Day as is tradition, cooked and carved to perfection by the Mister who treats it as an art form. If you need any handy hints & tips for choosing, cooking and carving your turkey this Christmas Donald Russell have created a useful guide that even calculates what size to order for your party which is great for preventing food waste, though I don't know about you but nothing ever goes to waste in our house - we love nothing more than a turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich in the evening and any leftover veg is bubble & squeak on Boxing Day.

We encourage the kids to work together and set the table ready for dinner so that they can be involved and have their own job to do. I have to admit the younger ones are rather more keen than the tween and teens but usually it is a good team effort. I'm going to buy some new table coverings and decorations this year ready for the big day.

On Boxing Day we have a big cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and bubble & squeak and the rest of the day is usually spent grazing on leftovers and chocolate with a Ploughman's style meal in the evening with lots of pickles, condiments and cold cuts of meat and not forgetting the all important bowl of fluffy, buttery mashed potatoes.

Does your family follow any festive foodie traditions?


  1. Wow! Mexican food on Christmas Eve sounds like a winner to me! My hub is Norwegian, so we have a Roast on the 24th to celebrate Norwegian style, then we always have the traditional roast turkey on Christmas Day too. I feel crazy stuffed by the end of it! Thank you so much for linking up with #SavouringtheSeason

    1. We started it when the kids were little and it just sort of stuck, I always look forward to our Mexican buffet now!


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