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Sunday Morning Rugby | What To Pack

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

H has been playing rugby since he was 7, he joined at U8s level after trying it out during Summer training and absolutely loved it and the rest as they say is history. He is now U10s and enjoying it even more now they have progressed to full contact and he loves nothing more than being covered in mud and throwing himself about on the pitch. Last Sunday we had an away match and it was utterly freezing - horrible spitty rain, soaked muddy pitches and bitterly cold. By the end of the matches most of the kids were in tears or at least making their distaste at the weather very well known, and half of the home team had actually left at half time. However, there was my son with bright red cheeks, wet hair sticking up at all angles and completely covered in mud, laughing his crazy little head off as he and his friend J went tearing off across the field back to the car when we were done. Absolutely loving it, the weather didn't bother those two one bit.

On our return to the car we realised that we had very stupidly forgotten the wet wipes, which led me to the idea for this post. I wanted to share the things that we (usually, clearly just not when we need them) take to rugby with us on Sundays, a list of what you should pack in the kids' kit bags and things to keep handy in the boot of the car. You won't need all of it every week, or maybe even at all, but it's useful to have - just in case.

Kit - H's lives in his bag, but he changes into it before we leave of course. H's kit consists of his club's short sleeved top, a pair of shorts, and knee socks, and he also has a training jacket for when it's particularly cold and/or wet. Under his kit he wears thermal leggings and a long sleeved base layer top to keep him warm, these are relatively inexpensive and H couldn't do without them. I bought his new ones at Sports Direct for less than £20 for both. We keep a beanie hat in his bag too but he rarely wears it.

Rugby Boots - I really shouldn't need to explain this one. We usually buy ours from Lovell Rugby or Sports Direct.

Gumshield - Vital! I also keep a spare one in my bag just in case H's goes for a wander.

Water Bottle - Or indeed two, H drinks a crazy amount and it'll save numerous journeys to the clubhouse to refill.

Snack - Something like a banana or a flapjack is good, take more if you're at a festival.

Spare clothes - Joggers or shorts, t-shirt, hoody, pants, & socks are all handy to have to change into after a match/training particularly if you plan to go in the clubhouse after.

Change of shoes - Most of the kids at our club wear crocs or similar, I have noticed.

Wet Wipes/Tissues - For muddy hands/legs/everything, general cleaning, a quick wipe down of child's face after post-match hot dog, there is pretty much nothing that you can't use a wet wipe for. Tissues for runny noses out in the cold.

Bin Bags/Carrier Bag - Ideally a large wheelie bin liner size, for the back seat of your car after a particularly wet/muddy match or training day. Also keep a spare for muddy kit and a carrier bag for boots.

Folding Chair/Picnic Blanket - We always forget to bring ours, though we have several of both, particularly handy for festivals which can last all day. The blanket can be used to wrap chilly children in the Winter months.

Flask with hot drink/Change to buy food & drink - There is almost always somewhere to buy a coffee and a bacon roll, so if you haven't brought your own refreshments take some cash.

Wellies/Umbrella/Gloves (for you) - Trust me.

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  1. This is spot-on! We never took the wet wipes or the plastic bag for the back seat of the car, but both really good ideas! Like you, we were brilliant at forgetting to take our chairs! But we pretty much had all the other stuff. We've spent many a Sunday morning with kids in tears because of the cold.

    1. Every week without fail we forget those bloody chairs! I'm going to go put them in the boot of the car now purely so we don't forget them this weekend!!

  2. I read this with interest.... My four-year-old middle child currently attends RugbyTots but as it's indoors and just rugby skills rather than actual games, it's nice and easy and comfortable at the moment. He'll hopefully start in a proper team when he's six, so this was really useful. Great tip about bin bags for the back of the car! I also think I'll buy some of those little hand warmer things for me... I'm not great in the cold and the rain... but I know I'll be so proud to see my boys in action #thelist

    1. I'm so not one for the cold but I do love going to watch the rugby, and the bin bags have saved our backseat on many an occasion particularly if we are giving a lift to another child too - double mud!


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